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Process: Bryant Paul Johnson shows how it’s done

I love these posts where an artist takes you from initial concept to finished work, and here’s a fine example of that: Bryant Paul Johnson, the creator of the wonderful faux-history webcomic Teaching Baby Paranoia, shows us a step-by-step account of his creation of an illustration for the Avarice Industries RPG, which is yet another Kickstarter project that has already exceeded its goal. Johnson discusses composition and character design and shows his work along the way. Good stuff!

Your Tuesday art break: Eleanor Davis draws veggies

Eleanor Davis, the creator of the kids’ graphic novels The Secret Science Alliance and The Copycat Crook and Stinky, has also illustrated Crescent Dragonwagon’s new cookbook, Beans and Greens. You don’t have to like either to enjoy Davis’s whimsical illustrations, with their charmingly retro green-and-white color scheme; these drawings will tickle even the most dedicated carnivore.

James Kochalka draws animated cells

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when James Kochalka was discussing this assignment with the editor? Kochalka illustrated the cover of the latest issue of Trends in Cell Biology, which provides this helpful caption for his drawing:

The actin cytoskeleton assembles into a variety of structures in order to fulfill its unique role in diverse cellular processes, including polarized transport, cytokinesis, patch formation during endocytosis, and mating in fission yeast.

Kochalka’s fertile imagination has made this both interesting and adorable. But will there be a T-shirt?

(Via the Top Shelf blog.)

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