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Loot Crate recalls Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt that needed a Safety Gem


To the surprise of many of us that believe in the power of the Infinity Gems, Loote Crate is recalling its Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt because of reports from customers who say the mitt can’t withstand the heat of an oven.

The genre movie and comics gear manufacturer issued the announcement of the recall in a press release, saying, “…we believe it’s possible some of the oven mitts sent in your Loot Crates will not withstand the high temperatures stated in the Loot Crate magazine and may pose a safety hazard, including a risk of burns. Please IMMEDIATELY STOP USING THIS PRODUCT AND CAREFULLY SECURE IT FROM USE BY OTHERS.”

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Feel the power of coffee with this Infinity Gauntlet mug


For those that have trouble getting started in the morning, get ready to pair your daily dose of caffeine with the reality-shaking power of the Infinity Gauntlet! Entertainment Earth has debuted a new prop replica molded mug done in the style of the Infinity Gauntlet — the all-powerful glove from Marvel’s cosmic comics. The 16 oz. mug slides over your hand, making it appear as if you are indeed Thanos, the Mad Titan, while taking a sip of your morning brew.

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Photo of the Day | Buzz Aldrin, wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet

buzz aldrin

Courtesy of Marvel’s Tumblr arrives what may be my favorite photo of Comic-Con International: Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the Moon, at the Marvel booth wearing not only a T-shirt that reads “Get Your Ass to Mars” but also … the Infinity Gauntlet.

Own the Infinity Gauntlet with Hasbro’s Comic-Con exclusive


Ever want to get your hands on the Infinity Gauntlet? If you’re headed to Comic-Con International in San Diego, Hasbro has you covered. USA Today debuted the first look at the company’s Comic-Con exclusive, which includes a four-figure pack of 3 3/4-inch figures — Nebula, Starfox, Mistress Death and Thanos with mini Infinity Gauntlet — packaged with a foam version of the iconic Marvel artifact.

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What was sundered and undone shall be whole; the jam made one

Brent Schoonover (Horrorwood, Astronaut Dad, Vincent Price Presents) has posted some art jam pieces that he contributed to, including this one for The Dark Crystal (Schoonover drew Aughra). Others in the link are tributes to The Infinity Gauntlet, Stan Winston, and Stephen King. The pieces were all commissioned by Matthew Reed, who shares these and some Star Wars-themed ones at his Comic Art Fans site where you can also see the names of the other artists involved.

SDCC ’10 | Marvel unveils Captain America’s shield … and the Infinity Gauntlet?

The Infinity Gauntlet at the Marvel booth

The Infinity Gauntlet at the Marvel booth

Helmets for Thor, Loki, and Odin? Sure. Captain America’s shield (see below)? Stands to reason. After all, these are key props from Marvel’s next two potential blockbuster movies, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. But at Marvel’s booth at the San Diego Comic-Con today, the Infinity Gauntlet was reavealed in all its giant-sized glory. And now, let the speculation commence …

(via Agent M)

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