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Marvel Comics gets down to business in infographic map


If you lived in the Marvel Comics universe, chances are you wouldn’t spend your days swooping through the skies and patrolling in the name of justice — unless you lived near a radioactive zoo, at any rate. You’d probably be working that 9-to-5 grind like most citizens, and Empire Flippers (via AV Club) has conveniently put together a map of fictional Marvel businesses based on location so you can know just where to apply.

The map focuses on U.S.-based companies only, spanning from New York City to Los Angeles, California and everywhere in between. From Roxxon to Worthington Industries to Ant-Man Security Solutions, this map will find the location and services for you. Check out the full map below.

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Count the kills in this ‘Murderers of Marvel’ infographic


While the Avengers are doing everything they can to save people on screen, comic readers know that superheroes have gotten their hands bloody more than a few times. But for everyone with a strong opinion on killing in comics, now you have some official numbers to back up your argument in the form of a handy “Murderers of Marvel” infographic from the UK’s Morph Suits.

The makers of licensed Marvel body suits and other cosplay aides put together a rundown of who has killed whom in the Marvel Universe, ranking the guilty from merely Dangerous to straight up Lethal. While you may quibble over some of their picks (Captain America is listed as killing Harry Truman, but at the time Truman was a zombie, so it’s debatable), the whole exercise is worth a gander. Check it out below.

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Comics A.M. | Retailers high on Image, ‘Saga’ & creator-owned

Saga, Vol. 2

Saga, Vol. 2

Retailing | Publishers Weekly’s annual comics retailer survey yields some interesting commentary, although the sample size is small (just 10 stores): Sales are up, retailers are optimistic, and Saga is the hot book right now. Also, booksellers who underestimated the demand for Chris Ware’s Building Stories lost out to direct-market retailers who didn’t, making for some nice extra sales during the holiday season. And while readers seem to be getting tired of the Big Two and their event comics, they are more enthusiastic than ever before about creator-owned comics, and Image is doing quite well. [Publishers Weekly]

Awards | Ladies Making Comics presents the complete list of women Eisner nominees for this year, noting that women have been nominated in almost every category. [Ladies Making Comics]

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Choose your favorite Avenger with this helpful infographic

If we’re not completely done with Marvel’s The Avengers yet (I’m certainly not), has a great infographic that ranks the team members according to strength, skill, brains, gadgets, heart, and swagger, while also listing their greatest strengths and weaknesses. Which trait is most important to you? Which Avenger best embodies it?

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Robot 666 | Fighting zombies … with infographics!

Editor’s note: As a part of Robot 666 Week, we welcome guest contributors Johnny Zito and Tony Trov, writers of Black Cherry Bombshells, Carnivale De Robotique, Moon Girl and the upcoming D.O.G.S. of Mars.

by Johnny Zito and Tony Trov

Zombies are kind of our thing. So, in honor of Halloween we conducted an informal survey on Twitter to determine what the most effective zombie killing weapon might be.

We received some pretty unique answers including katana swords, monster trucks, bear traps and “kindness.” Taking the top five suggested methods of murder, death and mayhem, we then looked to pop culture for help ranking them by body count.

The results are reflected in the graph below:

The same rigorous, scientific research also proves that while just about anything can kill a zombie, only one thing makes them hilarious:

To participate in more horror related polls that’ll be transcribed into grossly inaccurate infographs, please check out SOUTH fellini.

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