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ComiXology to bring creators into the picture

Creators: Don't let this be you!

Two bits of news about comiXology crossed the radar this morning. The first is that the company is launching a push this weekend at Baltimore Comic-Con to get creators to fill its creator database with photos and information (the creators page on the comiXology website is now bare). Because the digital distributor features the work of more than 6,000 writers and artists, this is quite a task, so comiXology is asking creators to line up in alphabetical order — the company will focus on those whose names start with the letter “A” the first week and keep going for 26 weeks.

Anyone who’s interested should contact comiXology via Twitter to get the green light and instructions for the next step. It’s an interesting shift in focus, as comiXology has always been all about the comics — you can search for works by a given creator, but there isn’t much info beyond that. The displays all focus on individual comics titles and story arcs. There has been a lot of conversation lately about creators’ rights and giving credit, and as creators move from one publisher to another — or to creator-owned works — it makes sense to give readers a way to connect with them as well as all their works.

And, because sometimes the way you get the news is the news, I’ll note that the press release on this came from Ivan Salazar, whose signature indicates he’s now “PR & Events Coordinator” for comiXology. Salazar and Chip Mosher, comiXology’s vice president of marketing, PR and business development, were colleagues at BOOM! Studios until Mosher left for comiXology and Salazar moved on to become PR and marketing manager at Studio 407. ComiXology seems to be on a hiring spree, so perhaps more initiatives are in the offing.

What Are You Reading? with Ivan Salazar

New York The Big City

Hello and welcome to What Are You Reading? Today our special guest is Ivan Salazar, public relations and marketing manager for Studio 407.

To see what Ivan and the Robot 6 crew have been reading (and playing), click below.

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Robot 6 Q&A | Ivan Salazar joins 407 Studios as public relations and marketing manager

Ivan Salazar

Ivan Salazar probably isn’t someone a lot of comic fans would know, but those of us on the press side have likely had some sort of interaction with him or gotten some assistance from him over the past few years. I first met him a couple of years ago while he was working for BOOM! Studios, where he worked with Chip Mosher, their former marketing and sales director. Ivan, Chip and the other members of the team worked together on several big initiatives, like press conferences with Stan Lee at the San Diego Comic Con and the BOOM! RV at ComicsPro.

Salazar left BOOM! not long ago and recently got back in touch with me to let me know he was now public relations and marketing manager for Studio 407. I wasn’t very familiar with them, so I asked him a few questions about both his old job and his new one.

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