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J. Scott Campbell draws the balding men of ‘Breaking Bad’


In this piece from Monday on Francesco Francavilla’s poster designs for Breaking Bad‘s final episodes, I noted how many comic creators are drawing sketches of Walter White. One name I forgot to mention was famed “good girl” artist J. Scott Campbell, who posted these images last week on Instagram and his DeviantArt account.

Against type, he’s stuck to drawing the gnarled male leads from the acclaimed drama, although there’s unfortunately no take on the great Saul Goodman. That naturally leaves me pondering an alternate reality in which Campbell has drawn cheesecake versions of Skyler, Maria, Lydia, etc. Maybe that could be the theme of his 2015 calendar: “The Long-Suffering Women of Breaking Bad.” That would make perfect sense, tonally. Stop looking at me like that. Continue Reading »

SDCC ’13 | Marvel announces Comic-Con-exclusive merchandise

avengers poster-skottie young

Marvel has announced a line-up of merchandise for Comic-Con International that includes a Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. T-shirt, a Rocket Raccoon mug and, perhaps most adorably of all, Skottie Young’s Avengers movie poster (part of the Phase 1 Marvel Cinematic Universe Blu-Ray Collector’s Set) and glass tumbler.

The limited-edition pieces will be available at the Marvel booth (#2329) at the San Diego Convention Center. See the list, with images, below:

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New Danger Girl coming from IDW next year

Danger Girl

Back in 2009, when IDW announced their intentions to collect Andy Hartnell and J. Scott Campbell’s former WildStorm series Danger Girl, they mentioned plans to publish new stories at some point. Today in an interview with Comic Book Resources, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall revealed that plans are in the works on a new Danger Girl series coming next spring.

Reporter Shaun Manning asked Ryall about Abbey Chase’s appearance on the cover of Infestation 2 #1. “Yeah, we were going to do her own [“Infestation 2″] series, but we’re actually doing a new Danger Girl series in the Spring, too, so we didn’t want to conflict with that,” Ryall said. “She’ll be part of the storyline but not have her own spinoff book attached to the Infestation event.”

While it’s been years since a Danger Girl solo comic graced the stands, Abbey Chase and her friends have popped up in other places, including the Danger Girl/Army of Darkness crossover series published by Dynamite earlier this year.

4chan takes on J. Scott Campbell’s Mary Jane Watson

J. Scott Campbell’s never been the most realistic of comic artists, and that’s part of his charm. But the notorious pranksters at 4chan have taken issue with the way he posed Mary Jane Watson on the cover to Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man #601. You’ll need to click after the break to see 4chan members acting out the contortions.

This brings up a broader point about cartooning: Since their inception, comics have largely strayed away from realistic depictions of characters, be they humans, anthropomorphic animals or anything else. While Campbell’s poses might not be anatomically realistic, part of his style/aesthetic/appeal lies in that bending of reality. Having real people act out some of the exaggerated poses of Campbell, Rob Liefeld or Jack Kirby would show how unrealistic they are … but then again, that stylistic exageration is what makes illustration different from photography and part of the appeal.

That out of the way, seeing people act out Campbell’s poses below is engrossing.

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J. Scott Campbell drinks tiger blood and wins

Although best known for his hyper-stylized superhero artwork, J. Scott Campbell is a talented caricaturist. And sometimes that love of genre entertainment and portraiture combines — with a hint of tiger blood.

Inspired by the recent interviews with Two & A Half Men actor Charlie Sheen, J. Scott Campbell takes the actor’s “tiger blood” phrase and melds it with Thundercats in this inspired illustration on the right. Check out the artist’s DeviantArt page for this and a variety of work, including some amazing Lost portraits.

As of late, Campbell has been a cover artist for both Marvel and Zenescope. His next major interior project is a long-awaited Spider-Man story with writer Jeph Loeb, announced back in 2006.

Your (second) video of the day | J. Scott Campbell talks about … everything

Bobby Chiu hosts a nearly hour-long discussion with veteran artist J. Scott Campbell covering his process, his childhood, his early career, his influences, selling original art, and much more.

First look at J. Scott Campbell’s cover for Uncanny X-Force #1

Uncanny X-Force #1 J. Scott Campbell variant

Marvel has unveiled J. Scott Campbell’s variant cover for Uncanny X-Force #1, which kicks off the new ongoing series by Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña. Debuting on Oct. 6, the title spins out of X-Men: Second Coming as Wolverine assembles a special team — Archangel, Psylocke, Deadpool and Fantomex — to take on missions that Cyclops doesn’t have the stomach for. First up: preventing Apocalypse from rising again.

See the full cover and solicitation details after the break:

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