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Jamie Hewlett made a comic out of Pulp’s “Common People”!

from "Common People" by Pulp and Jamie Hewlett

Exclamation point very much merited, if you ask me. That’s Tank Girl and Gorillaz co-mastermind Jamie Hewlett illustrating arguably the greatest song of the 1990s, “Common People” by Pulp — a masterpiece of withering English class-warfare derision and seamy sexuality. (Check out the awesome video if you haven’t heard/seen it.) According to PulpWiki, the comic was available only in the French single for the song and an Australian box set. What better way to celebrate the welcome news that Pulp will be reuniting for a tour in 2011 than by dipping into the glory of ages past?

Seriously, folks, a de facto Jamie Hewlett/Jarvis Cocker collabo? I can think of several entire comics over the past few years that the existence of this strip renders totally redundant.

(via Alexis Ong)

For the Gorillaz fan who has everything: Demon Lamp


Ever wonder what Tank Girl creator Jamie Hewlett is up to these days? Apparently he’s making lamps shaped like little demons and selling them on the Internet. And I’ll bet there’s some of you out there right now updating your Xmas list.

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