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Warren Ellis launches ‘largely improvised’ Scatterlands


Nearly a month after announcing Scatterlands, Warren Ellis has kicked off his webcomic collaboration with Jason Howard (Super Dinosaur).

In doing so, he reveals it’s a “largely improvised” riff on a newspaper comic strip that will be serialized daily for free on his website, one panel at a time, for the long haul. Debuting the first installment, Ellis writes, “We’ll take a short break every four or five weeks, at which point we’ll run a digest of that block of panels somewhere or other (we have no serious plans in this direction beyond the intent, and are basically making shit up as we go along).”

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Warren Ellis teases Scatterlands with Jason Howard

Warren Ellis debuted his second prose novel, Gun Machine, earlier this month, but many of his longtime fans have been eagerly awaiting his next comics work. After all, it’s been a little while. “I’m not even sure I wrote any comics in 2012,” he told ROBOT 6 at the beginning of the new year. “A couple of issues of Secret Avengers, maybe?” Well, the wait is almost over.

This morning on his blog, the writer teased the above image for Scatterlands, his collaboration with Super Dinosaur artist Jason Howard, arriving in “late February.” No additional information was provided, but as there was no publisher mentioned and no lead time for a Diamond solicitation, we can probably presume Scatterlands is a webcomic. Here’s hoping more details will follow soon …

Skybound unveils Walking Dead, Thief of Thieves NYCC-exclusive hardcovers

Skybound, Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics imprint, will debut limited-edition hardcovers of the writer’s series The Walking Dead and Thief of Thieves at New York Comic Con, held Oct. 11-14 in New York City.

The Skybound booth (#1229) will offer 1,500 copies of The Walking Dead Hardcover Compendium (Red Foil Version) for $100 each, as well as 1,000 copies of the  Thief of Thieves Hardcover, Vol. 1, “I Quit” for $30 each.

In addition, Kirkman will participate in two NYCC panels: “Skybound: On the Rise,” with Shawn Martinbrough, Jason Howard and special guests (2:45 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12); and “Kirkmania!,” in which he’ll take questions from the audience (1:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 14). You can read the full Skybound panel and signing schedule below.

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Kirkman’s Super Dinosaur preview debuts on digital

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is working on something completely different: Super Dinosaur, a children’s comic that will have a simultaneous print and digital release on April 1. But why wait that long? There’s a free preview up at comiXology right now. (That link takes you to the web version, but of course you can also read it on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device.)

Kirkman talked to CBR about Super Dinosaur and his desire to publish an all-ages comic last December. The preview comes on pretty strong, with 10-year-old hero Derek Dynamo and his pal Super Dinosaur, a 9-foot tall, genetically altered Tyrannosaurus Rex, beating up a bunch of other genetically altered dinosaurs who are trying to steal Dynore, a useful but unstable mineral discovered by Derek’s scientist dad. The first few pages, naturally, are heavy on exposition, but it’s mixed with a lot of action and a bit of a twist at the end.

Kirkman plans to publish Super Dinosaur, which he wrote and Jason Howard illustrated, under his own Image Comics imprint, Skybound. While the first issue goes live, as mentioned above, on April 1, the second issue will be his Free Comic Book Day choice.

‘They got mixed up!’

Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark: They Got Mixed Up!

Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark: They Got Mixed Up!

Last weekend Image Comics officially announced a one-shot with the utterly delightful title Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark: They Got Mixed Up! The book features two separate stories — “Sea Bear” by Jason Howard and “Grizzly Shark” by Ryan Ottley. There’s also an origin story written by Robert Kirkman. If you’d like to know more about the book, the creative duo behind it has set up a blog where they’re posting early concept art and additional info on the book.

No doubt an announcement about Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark joining the Guardians of the Globe will hit in the next day or so …

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