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Richard Sala’s ‘Violenzia’ attacks comiXology Nov. 20


In addition to launching their first-ever linewide Kickstarter project this week, Fantagraphics announced another “first” for the company — their first digital-first comic. The 50-page, self-contained Violenzia by Richard Sala (Delphine, Cat Burgler Black) will be released on comiXology Nov. 20.

“A fast moving, self-contained story, Violenzia is a blast of pulpy fun, told in scenes of audacious action and splashes of rich watercolors,” said Fanta’s Jen Vaughn. “With elements of golden age comics and old movies mixed with Sala’s trademark humor and sense of the absurd, Violenzia is serious fun, a bloody enigma masked as eye candy, a puzzle box riddled with bullet holes.”

(Hmmm … it’s funny how we’ve never seen Violenzia and Jen Vaughn in the same room together …)

Check out some additional art from the comic below, and some additional thoughts on the project from Fanta’s Eric Reynolds at The Comics Reporter.

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SDCC ’13 | Vaughn gets to the bottom of things with ‘Avery Fatbottom’

jenEvilQueenWrite what you know, they say, and as you can see from the picture to the right, Jen Vaughn knows Renaissance fairs.

So it’s no surprise that her new Monkeybrain Comics title, debuting today on comiXology, is about a Renaissance fair organizer and, as it turns out, detective.

“The comic is about the Renaissance Fair, a summer long affair,” she told ROBOT 6. “It’s a living, breathing organism with multiple parts (crazy, though). Avery Fatbottom is the organizer, a king is what it’s called. They are usually a bit self-absorbed and self-important. After being the fair’s accountant for years, she’s taken over after the death of her parents. But someone doesn’t like that and people (and animals) are gonna get hurt. She’s got a best friend in the fair and a little love interest but the fair’s the thing.”

I spoke with Vaughn about Avery Fatbottom: Renaissance Fair Detective, her day job at Fantagraphics, her own history with Ren fairs, and more.

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