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Marvel NOW! scores its own Jeopardy! category

After taking to ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live in October to launch its Marvel NOW! initiative, Marvel is ready for the big leagues: Alex Trebek.

On Thursday, Marvel NOW! will get its own category on Jeopardy!, testing the three competitors’ knowledge of the Marvel Universe. Given the timing of the new series announcements and the delay between the game show’s taping and broadcast, the questions — excuse me, answers — may be a bit tougher than those in the average comic-book category.

You’ll have to check your local listings for when and where Jeopardy! airs.

Alex, who is Queen Elizabeth I?

While it’s no shock that bestselling author Neil Gaiman would be an answer on Jeopardy!, that one of his lesser-known comics works would appear may come as a little more of a surprise. Matt Lobo tweeted a snapshot from Thursday’s episode referencing Marvel 1602, the 2003-2004 miniseries by Gaiman and Andy Kubert that placed key Marvel Universe characters in an alternate version of the Elizabethan era.

Although the comic spawned three sequels, it was met with decidedly mixed reaction from readers and critics. In short, it was no Sandman — which probably makes it perfect for a Double Jeopardy question. (And, yes, the correct question is, “Who is Queen Elizabeth I?” She was killed by a poisonous-gas device created by Count Otto Von Doom.)

Answer: This Strongman writer will appear on Jeopardy! on Jan. 4



Question: Who is Charles Soule?

Earlier this year SLG Publishing released Strongman, the story of a down-and-out Luche Libre star fighting against an organ smuggling ring in New York. Written by Soule and drawn by Allen Gladfelter, the story details Tigre’s rebirth as a hero, as he fights not only the dangers inflicted on his neighborhood, but also the memories from his past that led him there.

Soule and Gladfelter are now working on the sequel, which is due next summer. Before that, though, Soule will appear on an episode of the TV game show Jeopardy! on Jan. 4. Soule was kind enough to answer a few questions about his television appearance and the new book, and he also provided some preview pages from the second volume of Strongman.

JK: So how does one become a contestant on Jeopardy!?

Charles: It’s a several-step process. The show runs an online test about once per year, at a specific time on a specific date. You log on to the Jeopardy! website (and by the way, that’s the preferred punctuation, with the exclamation mark – goofy or not) and respond to 50 trivia questions of the sort that are typically asked on the show. You’re given five seconds to type in each answer, which is actually the amount of time you have to ring in and respond on the show. It’s also not quite enough time to Google an answer, which I’m sure is pretty intentional.

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