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Human Torch lights up the sky in this fantastic drone video


This video should probably be prefaced with the disclaimer “Do not attempt this at home,” followed immediately by, “Holy fiery hell, that is awesome.”

That, in this case, is an incredible Fantastic Four promotional stunt by viral-marketing agency Thinkmodo, which attached a flammable dummy to a drone, set it alight, and then flew it into the night sky, making it appear as if Johnny Storm had appeared, in the red-hot flesh.

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Six by 6 | Six heroes who overshadowed their predecessors


Superhero names carry a lot of weight, both in their fictional universes and our world. As we’ve seen time and again in comics, sometimes a costumed identity proves more popular than the actual character, leading to the decision to put someone else in the costume, either in an effort to boost reader interest (and, therefore, sales) or to simply take the story in a different direction.

In this week’s Six by 6, we look at six legacy, or “replacement,” heroes who ended up overshadowing their predecessors. Some, such as Green Lantern and The Flash, you may know; however, others may surprise you.

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