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Happy Holidays from Robot 6

from Matthew Petz

It’s Christmas Eve, and we’re winding down here at Robot 6 to go spend time with family and friends. Before heading off to celebrate, though, you’ll find a collection of holiday-themed links after the jump, along with this year’s collection of holiday cards we received.

On behalf of all of Robot 6, have a great holiday and stay safe. We’ll see you next week.

(Above: a Christmas showdown by Matthew Petz)

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SF Chronicles’ Friendship Town makes new friends online

An off-kilter San Francisco comics treat is making its way online.

Created by cartoonist Jon Adams, Friendship Town has been a part of the San Francisco Chronicle‘s print edition for almost a year now and has now made its way to the paper’s website.  In addition, Adams has even been posting some of the comics the Chronicle rejected on his own site.

Adams is perhaps best known for his long-running series Truth Serum, which was nominated for two Eisner Awards in 2007. Debuting in 2001 as a minicomic, it’s hit the larger comics work with a miniseries in 2002 from SLG Publishing, and runs as a weekly webcomic on Dark Horse’s website as well as its own site.

San Francisco comic shop owners star in new comic strip

from Graphic Novelty

from Graphic Novelty

Cartoonist Jon Adams has created a comic strip called Graphic Novelty for the San Francisco art site Bold Italic featuring three local comic book retailers (and two retailers who have written columns for CBR): James Sime from Isotope Comics, Brian Hibbs from Comix Experience and Leef Smith from Mission: Comics and Art. The strip details Adams’ comic store history and his impressions of the three shops.

“It’s four, free, full-color pages of autobio-journalism with a not-so-hidden cameo by artist Dave Johnson. (That last part may not be as appealing as it sounds once you see it.),” Adams said in an email. Go check it out.

Read Jon Adams’ Dead Space 2 comic from E3


Truth Serum creator Jon Adams teamed up with writer Nick Braccia to create a Dead Space 2 comic that was distributed this week at E3, the big video game expo in Los Angeles.

“What do you get when you combine Jack Chick, fake religions, Dead Space 2 and a free comic? Not surprisingly, a free Dead Space 2 comic about a fake religion in the style of the Chick Tracts called The Big Game,” Adams said.

He added that “it’s the story of a man playing space basketball, and finding his way to the Church of Unitology.” You can check out a preview after the jump, or read the whole thing online at

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San Francisco Chronicle picks up Jon Adams’ Friendship Town

Welcome to Friendship Town

Welcome to Friendship Town

Truth Serum creator Jon Adams sent word about two piece sof news he has … first, he has a new weekly comic called Friendship Town that’s been picked up by the San Francisco Chronicle’s “96 Hours” weekend supplement. It will also appear on the newspaper’s website.

And second, tomorrow Adams is planning a special April Fool’s Day wedding strip for Truth Serum. Read the entire announcement and see Jon’s promo piece for the big wedding after the jump …

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Truth Serum joins the Kindle revolution

Truth Serum, meet Kindle

Truth Serum, meet Kindle

You already heard about Archaia releasing Joshua Fialkov’s Tumor on the Kindle. Now Jon Adams emailed us to announce that his second Truth Serum book, The Lonely Parade, is available for the ebook reading device as well. Here’s the short press release:

You need no longer risk the threat of paper cuts and the jeers of those more technologically advanced than you. Truth Serum: The Lonely Parade is now available on the Kindle. What it may lack in a color section and a perforated form that folds out of the book, it makes up for in half-the-priceness. We had to make a few changes for this version, and managed to include the phrase “Suck it, Kindle!”

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