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The Fifth Color | Iron Man Expo’d

Director, Actor, Punching Bag

Iron Man 2 is still awesome.

It’s still a fun movie with all sorts of emotional beats and explosions and characters and lead-up and all those great things that, to be honest, make me read comics every week. If you pick up a monthly, you expect to see something of the character on the cover in the book, you expect to see him (or her) do something incredible and, by all rights, you should be interested in what the next issue is going to do. In a perfect world, I would be a millionaire with a unicorn and comics would always be recognizable, satisfying and leave you hungry for whatever is coming next.

Iron Man 2 worked almost as a film second, and a movie first because they devoted a lot of time to talk about the past and the future. Samuel L. Fury tries to get Tony Stark’s life back on track so they can use him for this “Avengers Initiative.” We go through an overwhelmingly Walt Disney-inspired piece for Howard Stark and the better future he saw when he put together the first Stark Expo. This is the continuation of something big, larger than life or even the life that the movie contained it in.

Settling down the the fanciest-schemanciest Blu-ray copy I could get my hands on, I wanted to see what it was like when you took this movie home. Did the lukewarm reception still come from the wide variety of audiences the movie tried to please? Or was it just not that great? Come with me and see.

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Jon Favreau’s not directing Avengers

Sounds like some other director will be hollering “Avengers Assemble!” to peel a gaggle of high-paid actors away from the craft services table: Jon Favreau confirms to MTV News that he won’t be directing Marvel Studios’ big movie mash-up of its various superhero franchises. As reported at MTV’s Splash Page blog, Favreau says he won’t be available to direct the Avengers film, though he is one of its executive producers and will have a hands-on role in that regard. Moreover, Favreau argues that his years-long immersion in Iron Man‘s “tech-based” milieu might have made him a poor choice to bridge the gap with, say, the Lord of the Rings mysticism and Shakespearean grandeur of Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Thor movie. Which is a good point, now that I think of it: The Avengers movie will most likely include three relatively realistic super-science-based heroes (Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk) and a Norse god. That’s a tough row to hoe even in the wilder and woollier world of superhero comics.

Anyway, check out more from Favreau, including musings on potential cameos in Iron Man 2, at the link or in the video above.

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