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Celebrate Doomsgiving with ‘Calamity’ Jon Morris


With Thanksgiving this week, it was sheer coincidence that I ran across Doomsgiving, a Tumblr hashtag used by Washington-based cartoonist and writer “Calamity” Jon Morris to celebrate his affinity for the Doom Patrol.

Morris, who also posted Doomsgiving pieces last year (in addition to being involved in a variety of unique side projects well worth checking out), has penned The League of Regrettable Heroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History, set for release in June 2015). There are plenty more of his illustrations to enjoy on his Tumblr and on Behance.

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Indie artists reinvent Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Did you read encyclopedias for fun as a kid? Do you like comics? If so, then “Calamity” Jon Morris has just the project for you. Paying homage (with a side of classy art) to the epic Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe,  Morris has gathered a group of non-traditional artists to reinvent the portraits that graced the original encyclopedia series in what he’s calling The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe –Reduxe Edition.

I’ve recruited literally hundreds of artists to redraw the almost-1,000 entries of the original 1980’s Official Handbook Deluxe Edition! What madness!,” Morris says on his Tumblr page. “It starts with Uatu, with new entries by Joel Carroll, Thomas DiSpigna and Erica Henderson coming later today, check it out!”

This madness (as Morris puts it) started just two days ago with his portrait of Uatu the Watcher, but Thursday’s new entry takes the cake. Mouse Guard creator David Petersen tackling Rocket Raccoon:

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At last, the Watchmen/Parks & Rec meme we’ve been waiting for

In what very well could be comics’ answer to Texts from Hillary, cartoonist Jon Morris has launched Ron Sworschach, a blog that combines “the words of Alan Moore’s doomed objectivist vigilante Rorschach with images of Parks and Recreations‘ lovingly stern libertarian Ron Swanson. Or sometimes maybe the other way around.”

Why it’s taken this long for a Ron Swanson/Rorschach mash-up is one of life’s great and frustrating mysteries …

Jon Morris brings cuteness to Gotham with Little Batman

Artist “Calamity” Jon Morris brings you a Gotham-sized level of cuteness in his recent Little Batman strips. Done for fun (and sometimes for charity), Morros’ strips show the brighter side of a rich guy dressing up like a bat.

Morris has done several pin-ups, comic strips and even fun crossovers with Little Batman.You can see them all — and see new ones as he posts them — over on his tumblr blog.

Seattle comics group the Bureau of Drawers creates quarterly anthology

The Seattle-based cartoonist group the Bureau of Drawers have assembled online in their blog and meet every Wednesday for a drink ‘n’ draw at Seattle’s Cafe Racer, and now they’ve taken their partnership one step further with a new quarterly comic anthology they’re giving away free online.

Titled The Bureau Of Drawers Quarterly, the anthology is edited by member Jon Morris and features comics and illustrations by Morris and fellow members Amanda Robinson, Marc Palm, Adam Waton, Scott Faulkner, Steve VanBronkhorst, Breanne Boland, Sarah Taylor, Adam Eivy, Carl Nelson and Nikki Burch. Available only through digital means, this free comic anthology (available in CBR, PDF and ePub formats) has already garnered the attention of Seattle’s The Stranger, calling it proof of a vibrant Seattle comics scene.

The group are already working on their second volume, tentatively due out in June 2012. Here’s a sample of what’s in the free first issue:

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