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A Month of Wednesdays | Dinosaurs, Dahmer, Queen Crab and Kellerman

Dinopopolous (Blank Slate) Nick EdwardsDinopopolous is the story of Nigel, a 13-year-old who loves comics, videogames and heavy metal and who solves mysteries with is best friend Brian, who is a talking dinosaur.

You have probably already decided that this is a comic book you would like to read, and I concur with your decision: This is a comic you will like reading.

When an archaeologist on the trail of the Miracle Bird of Ndundoo goes missing, Nigel and Brian are given a pre-pre-pre-historic artifact and tasked with finding the bird before Julian and His Evil League of Lizards, humanoid lizards that dress a little like the saiyans from Dragon Ball Z, and reminded me of the  Tyrannos from DinoSaucers. And Brian reminded me a bit of a mount from the old Dino Riders toy line, wearing a saddle with guns mounted on it and all. And, tonally and visually, the entire book reminds me a bit of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, all of which are farily positive associations in my mind.

The story itself is extremely straightforward. Our heroes find the trail, follow it, come into conflict with Julian and his League and then find the bird on the 25th and penultimate page of the book, which ends with a splash page reading “The End” in the middle of an explosion, while Nigel throws up some devil’s horns.

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Comics A.M. | Comics of ‘nerdiest meth king ever’ auctioned for $125K

Aaron Castro

Crime | The 18,753 comics in the collection of a Colorado drug kingpin — dubbed the “nerdiest meth king ever” by the Denver Post — sold for $125,050 at an online auction held by the U.S. Marshals Service. Prosecutors say Aaron Castro, who was sentenced in November to 45 years in prison on drug and extortion charges, planned to launder profits from a major methamphetamine distribution ring by opening a comic store. (According to forfeiture documents, he even stashed some of his meth in his comics collection). Castro reportedly became so obsessive about his collection that he “began to struggle with money because he would spend his drug money on comic books.” Proceeds from the auction will go into either a special account to fund forfeiture actions, or to law-enforcement agencies that assisted in the Castro case. [Denver Post]

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Check out a preview of Kellerman’s Silent Partner

Jonathan Kellerman is the latest mystery writer to cross over into graphic novels; Silent Partner is the fourth novel in his Alex Delaware series, and Suvudu has a nice little preview of the first ten pages of the story.

The artist for the project is Michael Gaydos, who has worked for Marvel and DC (he got two Eisner nominations for his work on Alias with Brian Michael Bendis) as well as Dark Horse, Virgin and sundry others. Here, he uses a stark black-and-white style with strong areas of black and no toning, giving the art a dramatic and rather ominous feel—appropriate for mysteries, and reminiscent of the art in Dark Horse’s Green River Killer graphic novel. The Suvudu folks assure us that we don’t have to have read any of the other books in the Alex Delaware series, which features a forensic psychologist detective, to enjoy this one, so we can jump right in; it’s due to hit the shelves on Feb. 28.

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