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’68’ creators release print to benefit Josh Medors’ family

Medorsprinttease0Artist Josh Medors passed away almost a year ago after a long battle with spinal cancer. One of his final projects was ’68: Hallowed Ground, a one-shot that ties into the Vietnam War-era zombie apocalypse comic. To coincide with its release next month, ’68 creators Mark Kidwell, Nat Jones and Jay Fotos are now offering a limited collector’s edition print that will benefit Medors’ wife and son.

The print features the one-shot’s cover, drawn by Medors, with a matching back cover illustration by Jones and Fotos. The print is limited to 100 copies and will be hand-numbered and signed by Kidwell, Jones and Fotos. It can be bought for $40 on the ’68 website. Check out the full print below.

’68: Hallowed Ground goes on sale Nov. 16 and, according to the press release, features the story of two soldiers freshly back from Vietnam and forced into a showdown against hordes of zombies while holed up in a church. Medors provided the cover, layouts and thumbnails for the book, which were used to create the final one-shot.

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Josh Medors memorial shirts to benefit Help for Heroes, Medors family

Steve Niles points us to the website of Matt Houk and Nico Zepeda, who are selling Josh Medors Memorial T-shirts honoring the artist who passed away Nov. 28 after a long battle with spinal cancer.

“The only way we could think to honor him is to put out a memorial shirt with his art work,” Houk writes. “He gave this art to my old comic shop as a gift so not many people have seen it. It was a no-brainer that this art needed to get out.”

The shirts are available for preorder for $25 from the Fall of the Sparrow website. All profits will go to benefit Help for Heroes, the comics industry cancer organization founded by Medors in partnership with The Hero Initiative, and to help his family with any expenses they may have. The 36-year-old Medors is survived by his wife Charlotte and their son Garth.

Comics A.M. | Court sides with Zohan in comic writer’s lawsuit

Jayms Blonde

Legal | The Second Circuit Court of Appeals backed the 2010 decision by a federal judge to dismiss a comic writer’s claims that Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, Columbia Pictures and parent company Sony Picture stole his idea for a hairdresser-turned-hero and transformed it into the movie You Don’t Mess With the Zohan. Robert Cabell filed a copyright-infringement lawsuit in February 2009 accusing the moviemakers of ripping off his comic The Hair-Raising Adventures of Jayms Blonde, about a Navy SEAL-turned-hairdresser who fights crime armed with a blow dryer. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Creators | The Hero Initiative reports that comics creator Josh Medors, who has a rare form of cancer, has been released from the hospital after being treated for a lung infection. [Hero Initiative]

Creators | Dave McKean discusses his most recent work, the erotic graphic novel Celluloid. [Suicide Girls]

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Hero Initiative auctions off Josh Medors original art

Alter Ego #105

Earlier this year Michael mentioned the limited edition print that the Hero Initiative was selling to help raise money for artist Josh Medors, who has a rare form of spinal cancer. Now that original art, which is also the cover to Alter Ego #105 and is a re-creation of the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #33, is being auctioned off on eBay. Go check it out and place a bid for a good cause.

Creators battling cancer (and how you can help)

The Hero Initiative announced yesterday that in order to help artist Josh Medors continue fighting a rare form of cancer in his spinal column, they and Marvel have created a limited edition print featuring Medors’ recreation of the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #33. The print will be available at Medors’ hometown comic store, Packrat Comics (both online and at the physical location in Hilliard, Ohio) on Free Comic Book Day.

You can click the link above for more details, but The Hero Initiative’s Jim McLauchlin also sent us a couple of behind-the-scenes scans depicting stages in the poster’s creation.

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Hero Initiative offers updates on Russ Heath, Josh Medors

Russ Heath

The Hero Initiative has two updates on a couple of creators who have had health issues.

First up is Will Eisner hall-of-famer Russ Heath, who had knee surgery earlier this year. The Hero Initiative’s Jim McLauchlin had lunch with Heath yesterday and says the classic artist is out of rehab earlier than expected. “I was fortunate enough to have lunch with Russ Heath yesterday, and he was in great spirits, having a grand ol’ time and cracking rapid-fire jokes, just like always,” McLauchlin said.

Next is Josh Medors, who continues to battle cancer. The Hero Initiative posted an update from the artist’s wife, Charlotte:

“It turns out Josh’s white blood cell counts were two one-hundredths of a point away from being too low to continue chemo. We’re working on getting those back up. In the meantime, his body is having a tough time fighting off infections due to this. He is fighting a bit of a cold, but he is keeping his spirits up. He has been drawing like crazy! It seems he is either sleeping or drawing all the time lately. It is really nice to see him drawing again!”

McLauchlin said to expect news on “a cover gig for Josh and a great product tie-in as well coming soon.” Best of luck to both artists.

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