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This ‘X-Men’ fan created an amazing 7-foot Juggernaut costume


If you hear someone bellow “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” this weekend at MegaCon, odds are that it’s Bryan Doell — and you’ll probably want to get out of his way.

After talking about it for two years, the South Florida costume and prop maker finally decided in April to bring the X-Men’s longtime nemesis, and occasional ally, to life — all 7 feet 2 inches of him.

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Here are your favorite NFL players as your favorite superheroes


For many, stars of professional sports are the closest things to real life superheroes. They’re bigger, stronger, and faster than seems humanly possible. They’re able to perform feats beyond the capabilities of your average individual, jumping and twisting and barreling through opponents.

But just imagine: If the stars of the NFL really were superheroes of comic book lore, who would be whom? The folks at NFL Memes went and matched up the biggest names in football with the biggest characters in comics to answer that question with these incredible mashup renditions. Some are obvious, like Calvin Johnson as Megatron and Cam Newton as Superman, but others are pretty spot on. There’s Odell Beckham Jr. as Spider-Man, Peyton Manning as Iron Man, Rob Gronkowski as Thor, and – perhaps best of all – Andrew Luck as the Beast.

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Nothing can stop this week’s Shelf Porn


We’ve always heard “Nothing can stop the Juggernaut, but this week’s Shelf Porn puts that old adage to the test when Juggernaut meets an even BIGGER Juggernaut. Luckily neither of them can actually move, because they’re statues, or else we’d have quite a collision.

Today’s collection comes from Peter in Great Britain, who shows us his hardcovers, statues, books and more. If you’d like to see your collection here, you can find submission details at the end of the post.

And now let’s hear from Peter …

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