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Excited for Avengers vs. X-Men? Try Splash Vs. Clean

Before Civil War, Avengers vs. X-Men and other epic confrontations, an enterprising video game artist named Robin Keijzer might have outdone them all with Versus.

Discovered on the self-publishing site Ka-Blam, Versus is a comic series the Netherlands-born artist created to pit strange and unique characters against each other. It’s first issue pits two characters, Splash and Clean, in a face-off against one another in a compact done-in-one story. Splash (seen at right in the top) is a goldfish that has the ability to form water in a body around him, while Clean is a robot made from a washing machine that is, well, drunk. Originally released in December 2010, there’s no word if the artist has future issues planned but this issue by itself is a find indeed.

Versus a fun-looking book remiscient of Scud The Disposable Assassin mixed with the kinetic energy of Skottie Young or Ben Caldwell. You can order the book from Ka-Blam, and find out more about the artist at Keijzer’s website.

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Ka-Blam launches print-on-demand distribution service

comics-monkeyOver the weekend, Ka-Blam Digital Printing responded to Diamond’s increased order minimums with ComicsMonkey, a print-on-demand distribution service that promises “no benchmarks, no thresholds, no minimums, no fees.”

This service probably would be slightly bigger news if publishers weren’t required to print through Ka-Blam in order to be distributed by ComicsMonkey.

There’s also the issue of terms for retailers: a 35-percent discount, no returns, and the retailer pays for shipping.

Creator Von Allan hones in on those sticking points in the comments section of the ComicsMonkey blog:

While I hope I’m wrong, I find that the retailer terms are pretty untenable. 35% off cover, non-returnable, with shipping charges on top of that? That’s a lot of risk to put on the retailer with not much to help them out.

So, while I understand the pricing realities of POD, this seems like Ka-Blam titles would be special order only in most stores, assuming that those stores even set-up accounts in the first place. That also means sales will most likely be pretty minimal.

Elsewhere on the site, the announcement is met with more excitement from commenters, most of whom appear to be small and self-publishers.

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