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Hutchinson newspaper renamed Daily Planet for ‘Smallville Day’

smallville-paperFriday was “Smallville Day” in Hutchinson, Kansas, as the city changed its name for 24 hours to pay tribute to Superman’s hometown. The Hutchinson News, however, honored another name that’s synonymous with Superman, as the newspaper changed its name to The Daily Planet: Smallville Edition for the day. Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen all receive credits in the paper, while several past “Supermen” get their photos on the front page (poor Brandon Routh once again gets the shaft).

On that same day, Superman joined the inventor of basketball, 1970s rock band Kansas and the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment as the 2013 class of the Kansas Hall of Fame. Experience Hutch details some of the other activities that occurred on Smallville Day and notes it’s been good for tourism.

“The Smallville push has already brought international visitors to Hutchinson, in anticipation of it happening. It will bring other visitors who want to experience Smallville as well. It’s not for everyone, as most tourism is not. But it’s important to a segment of the population and their money is as good as everyone else’s,” the website writes.

Check out the front of “The Daily Planet” after the jump.

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Superman fans campaign for Kansas city to be renamed Smallville

After 141 years, Hutchinson, Kansas, is ready for a big change — or at least three of its residents are.

Comics fans Ben Eisiminger, KC McNeely and Christopher Wietrick believe their city has so much in common with Smallville, the fictional hometown of Clark Kent, that Hutchinson should change its name.

“There is a Metropolis [in Illinois],” Wietrick tells KWCH TV, “why isn’t there a Smallville?”

To that end, the aspiring comic artist and his two friends have launched a Facebook page called simply, Hutchinson, KS Should Be Named “Smallville.” “Our hometown has several tourist attractions already,” the page states. “We would love to see that increase by a great amount and we strongly believe that (should this happen) it would be a huge economic boost to the city, county and area.” Since its July 15 debut, the page has garnered 1,241 “Likes” — not bad for a city of 42,080 people (a figure that may or may not include a stray Kryptonian or two).

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