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Hoarding Batman can’t part with that rainbow costume


Despite my unease about their exploitative natures, I can be easily sucked in to marathons of A&E’s Hoarders or TLC’s more alarmingly named Hoarding: Buried Alive. They’re both glimpses into an alien world and terrifying cautionary tales, fodder for nightmares as I warily eye the shelves in my office and bedroom groaning under the weight of far too many books.

Considering that such compulsive behavior so often seems to be triggered by an emotional trauma — say, the loss of a family member — it’s perhaps no surprise that Bruce Wayne should come under suspicion of hoarding by one of Kerry Callen’s friends, leading to the cartoonist’s latest comic strip, simply titled “Batman: Hoarder.”

“The seed was planted,” writes Callen, who’s no stranger to readers of ROBOT 6. “I knew I wouldn’t stop thinking about it until I drew something about it. I can stop thinking about it now.”

As he notes, all of the items on the bottom of the first page are from actual Batman stories. See the full strip, and issue citations, on Callen’s blog.

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Superman’s cape isn’t the only thing you don’t mess with


Superman may have a reputation as a big pushover, but that’s because not enough people know Kerry Callen’s version. That Man of Steel screws with Batman for kicks, won’t put up with your sob stories and doesn’t care what kind of excuse you have for not wanting to do the dishes. Knowing that, you probably shouldn’t tease him about his costume.

But that’s what some jerk does in the latest installment of Callen’s hilarious Super Antics comic strip and, well, see what happens below. Following that: more about superman’s undies.

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Why there’s a dinosaur in the Batcave

As usual, Kerry Callen has the answers. Check out his site to find out what the heck that thing’s doing there, then join me in urging DC to publish an ongoing Super-Antics series by Callen. It would go nicely alongside the imaginary Supergirl/Batgirl series by Mike Maihack and Yale Stewart’s JL8. When I take over the world, that’s the first change I’m implementing.

Looking Forward, Looking Back | Creators weigh in on 2012 and 2013 (Part 2)

Uncanny X-Force #1

It’s become an annual tradition during our birthday bash: No matter how much stuff we line up, people we interview, etc., there are still tons of people we like to hear from and include in our giant New Year’s/anniversary/birthday activities. So, as we have in past years, we have asked various comics folks what they liked in 2012 and what they are excited about for 2013.

Check out Part One, and keep reading to see more of what people shared with us, including details on their upcoming projects. Our thanks to everyone who responded this year. Also, thanks again to Tim O’Shea, Michael May and Chris Arrant, who helped collect responses.

SAM HUMPHRIES (The Ultimates, Sacrifice, Uncanny X-Force)

What was your favorite comic of 2012?

Two webcomics:

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Kerry Callen’s ‘The girlfriend before Lois’

Robot 6 favorite Kerry Callen posted a new strip online recently, a fine example of that classic comics trope so beloved of bloggers, superdickery, thus practically ensuring we’d run it here. Great technique meets great gag; Callen does an effortless job of riffing on Joe Shuster’s style. See it in full below.

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Kerry Callen likes a (Kirby-tech) challenge

From the original page by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott from "Fantastic Four" #64

After his recent gif animation of the classic cover to Fantastic Four #51, Robot 6 favorite Kerry Callen was challenged by the Jack Kirby Museum‘s Richard Bensam to try his hand at animating some of The King’s signature tech. See the eye-popping results below.

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Comic Couture | Super embarrassing, back to the DMZ and more

by Kerry Callen

Back in July Michael linked to a couple of shirt designs by Kerry Callen (one of our favorites) that were up on Threadless for scoring. Both were eventually printed by Threadless; the female version was available in limited quantities at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, while the male version is available now on the Threadless site.

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Kerry Callen finally takes a crack at Kirby

It seems we at Robot 6 just can’t let Kerry Callen’s animated comics covers go. His latest is for a comic many regard as the highest point in the entire Jack Kirby/Stan Lee team’s ouevre, Fantastic Four #51. Everything about this is gold — the wiggling finger of Sue, the fact that Ben’s shadow moves in time with his labored breathing. If the image wasn’t dramatic before, it’s now at a positive fever pitch. Brilliant.

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Kerry Callen’s more realistic cover for Amazing Fantasy #15

The old joke goes that if Spider-Man really had all the powers and abilities of a spider, he’d shoot web out of his butt. Kerry Callen (Halo and Sprocket) realized making that happen wouldn’t take much tweaking of the cover to Spider-Man’s first appearance.

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Kerry Callen embarrasses superheroes for Threadless

Kerry Callen (Halo and Sprocket) has designed a couple of potential Threadless T-shirts with a theme that he says has “been bouncing around in my head awhile.” An equal-opportunity embarrasser, Callen made a Superman version and a bra-clad Wonder Woman version. If you’d like to wear either version and don’t mind registering at Threadless, you can vote for them there. And be sure to visit Callen’s website to see the hairy-chested version of Superman that he decided was more disturbing than funny.

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Never take electrical advice from super villains

Black Hand

Robot 6 favorite Kerry Callen has a new autobiographical strip up on his blog that shows what happens when you take advice from super villains–your car might catch on fire. Despite being a genius inventor, apparently Black Hand isn’t the best source of information for how to replace a fuse in your 1978 Celica, and that was before he became the physical embodiment of death.

So once again, kids: always listen to your parents, a professional or Mr. Fantastic, not a super villain, for electrical advice.

Yet still more animated comics covers by Kerry Callen

Because they’re like crack.

Visit Callen’s site to also see Daredevil #7 (from the current Mark Waid/Paolo Rivera run) and Batman #15 (which should put to rest that whole Batman-hates-guns myth once and for all). I hope someone starts paying him to do these as covers for digital comics. I’d never buy print again.

More animated covers by Kerry Callen!

If you haven’t had enough of Kerry Callen’s awesome animated comics covers — and how could you possibly have? — he’s posted a couple more on his blog. That’s Lois Lane #29 above, but click through to see him make Jim Steranko’s classic Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4 even more psychedelic than it already was.

Happy Holidays from Robot 6

from Matthew Petz

It’s Christmas Eve, and we’re winding down here at Robot 6 to go spend time with family and friends. Before heading off to celebrate, though, you’ll find a collection of holiday-themed links after the jump, along with this year’s collection of holiday cards we received.

On behalf of all of Robot 6, have a great holiday and stay safe. We’ll see you next week.

(Above: a Christmas showdown by Matthew Petz)

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Kerry Callen is brilliant, part two: animated comics covers

If Super Hero Thanksgiving isn’t enough to prove Kerry Callen’s awesomeness, his quartet of animated covers to classic comics ought to do the trick. Comics Alliance has the whole set, including The Amazing Spider-Man #33, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1, Iron Man #128, and this one, Justice League of America #6.

[Updated: See the comments below for the explanation, but my not linking directly to Callen’s blog where he originally posted these was an oversight on my part. I apologize.]

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