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Kickstart My Art | Elysium Online

How would you feel if there was a way for you to reconnect with your departed loved ones? I’m not talking Ouija boards, seances or spirit mediums; I’m talking connecting with them as you would with people around the world online. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how do you think those loved ones would feel? That’s the question in the upcoming graphic novel Elysium Online, and it’s up to you to get it off the ground so you can find out the real story.

Described by creator Ilias Kyriazis as a graphic novel about what happens when a “revolutionary social network that lets you interact with your dead loved ones” goes wrong, Elysium Online is a hauntingly promising idea for a comic that looks beautiful, touching and just a wee bit creepy all at once. Elysium is the name of that social network, and when it’s launched in October 2021, people worldwide flock to it hoping to reconnect with their loved ones long thought dead. What they don’t know is that there loved ones are indeed waiting for them in Elysium, but they hate the living and are plotting to wipe them out of existence.

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Kickstart My Art | Judge Dredd miniatures game Block Wars

There’s been a long history of games adaptations of Judge Dredd, going back to the first board game released by Games Workshop in 1982, and their role-playing game of 1985. Back then, Games Workshop’s miniature-making division Citadel released many waves of Judge Dredd figures. I bought many of those as a lad, with plenty of them still in my parents’ attic, in various states of assembly.

There have been a few iterations between then and now, but one thing is for sure, the coming-to-an-end-soon Kickstarter campaign for the latest generation of Judge Dredd miniatures from Mongoose is a rousing success, with nearly $80,000 pledged now from an initial goal of $2,000. Their rulebook for the game is a free download, so have a look, and if you’re hooked, throw them a few dollars. At the rate they’re going, they’ll be able to make miniatures of every character ever to grace the strip.

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Kickstart My Art | Nenetl, of the Forgotten Spirits

There’s a big difference between being a spirited young girl and being a young girl who’s a spirit.

In the comic series Nenelt, of the Forgotten Spirits, writer Vera Greentea and artist Laura Müller are following one such spirit girl named Nena as she searches for her family during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. But as a spirit from the beyond, she has to watch out for exorcists and those who wish to send her away.

Greentea and Müller are using Kickstarter in an effort to raise funds to publish the first issue of this miniseries. They’re asking for $4,000, which they state will go towards paying Müller to illustrate the book and offset some of the production expenses. Currently at just above the $1,000 mark with 35 days to go, if they receive more than $4,000 they will put that money into funding the next three issues. They plan to release the first issue by January.

To help stoke the fundraising, Greentea is offering a number of rewards for different pledge levels, from copies of her previous work and even some very cute red skull bracelets.

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Kickstart My Art | Brand New Nostalgia’s kaBOOMbox Vol. 1

Brand New Nostalgia is the sketchblog equivalent of The Defenders, a non-group, if you will — a loose conglomerate of artists doing that sketchblog thing of choosing a theme and then posting the results, originally at their respective deviantART accounts and Tumblrs, and now at their own website. They’re making the leap into the physical world with a book they’re seeking funding for through Kickstarter described as an “anthology consisting of some of the best pieces from the blog as well as all-new comic stories by each of the creators.”

There’s a list of the members’ respective galleries here, and the most easily navigable place to see their combined efforts may well be at deviantART. There’s some top-notch artists amongst their number who’ll probably go on to big things. There’s a representative selection of work from their site below. Continue Reading »

Kickstart My Art | Nobodies Vol. 2, from Drawmoreinc

I regularly see new Kickstarter appeals starting I’d consider investing in, but few as handsome as this: Drawmoreinc’s Nobodies Vol.2. Launched just a few days ago, they’ve already met nearly half their target in pledges, understandably considering the high quality of the contributors. The (rather strident) mission statement reads:

This comic anthology is a full color 120+ page perfect bound comic by comic creators from all around the world. Creators contribute all new original stories to the book to go with our theme of “nobodies.” We want to create art because we love it. We aren’t scared of the bumps and bruises (that comes with the territory). We’re here to make the work we want to read. There are no restrictions and anything goes.

This anthology is used to be a platform for relatively unknown comic creators to come together and show everyone else in the industry that we aren’t meant to be taken lightly and we’re here to stay.

The appeal page shows a lot of good-looking preview art, and plenty of links to further examples by the contributors. “Relatively unknown” is quite the catch-all term — some of these creators already have something of a cult following online. And of course, a lot of people won’t be able to resist the allure of the rewards of merchandise based on Shaky Kane’s cover art, including art prints and a rather groovy 3D t-shirt.

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Kickstart My Art | Jose Torres and Josh Hood’s Tilt-Shift

It seems every day in comics there’s war — be it a war of the gods, an infinity war or whatnot. Few comics, though, bring you what it’s really like on the frontlines — but an new Kickstarter comic called Tilt-Shift plans to do just that. Written by military veteran Jose Torress and drawn by Josh Hood, Tilt-Shift is the story of a deployment in Afghanistan from the eyes, and the lens, of an Army photographer.

“To call Tilt-Shift a modern war drama is a painful oversimplification,” Torres writes on Tilt-Shift‘s Kickstarter page. “Tilt-Shift marries police procedural intrigue with hard-hitting modern warfare action in its hyper-real presentation of the work done by Special Operations teams throughout Afghanistan.  More than that, it paints a picture of young Americans rising from their varied upbringings, distinguishing themselves from among their peers and flying to the most desolate ends of the world to quell a violent insurgency that suppresses the freedom of the Afghan people and threatens the security of their families back home.”

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Kickstart My Art | No Enemy, But Peace color edition

In 2009, Sgt. Richard C. Meyer published No Enemy, But Peace, a black and white comic book created with Martin Montiel Luna that recounts the true story of Sgt. Marco Martinez, a former gang member who served as a Marine in Iraq — in the same unit as Meyer, in fact — where in 2003 he rallied his embattled squad and single-handedly attacked an enemy bunker.

Now Meyer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a digitally colored and expanded version of the story, with the goal of releasing the new edition in time to mark the 10th anniversary of the battle on April 12, 2003. The campaign has entered its final two weeks, raising $2,661 toward its $3,600 goal. Comic Book Resources spoke with Meyer about No Enemy, But Peace shortly after its debut.

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Kickstart My Art | Food and eating anthology Digestate

Earlier this month we showcased comics-as-cookbooks, and now we find on Kickstarter a veritable buffet of comics for the foodies among us. Organized by cartoonist/small press publisher J.T.  Yost, Digestate is a taster’s choice of stories by 50-plus cartoonists chronicling their own food tastes.

“Each artist has approached the theme in a manner exclusive to their own personality,” Yost says on the project’s Kickstarter page. “There are some autobiographical comics (both funny and heart-wrenching), some fictional comics, some akin to an essay and others that defy categorization altogether.”

The line-up is a “Who’s Who” of cartoonists, with everyone from Renee French and Marc Bell to James Kochalka and Alex Robinson to Keith Knight and Berkeley Breathed. On the Kickstarter page there are several of the stories to be included in the print publication, including the excellent “Bacon Vs. Asparagus with Oscar” by Jeffrey Brown, which is at the bottom of this post.

Digestate is nearly half-way to its$4,500 goal with 30 days remaining in the fundraising campaign. Compared with recent Kickstarter comics drives, $4,500 seems like a relatively small amount but Yost doesn’t say what the money specifically will be going for. Regardless, remember to tip your server!

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