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King Con Brooklyn III postponed as organizers plan overhaul

King Con III poster, by Bobby Timony

Organizers have abruptly postponed King Con Brooklyn less than two weeks before the third annual event was set to kick off in New York City. They pledge to revamp the convention to appeal to a wider audience by encompassing elements of science fiction, fantasy and pop culture.

“In an age where even Spiderman has a hard time keeping on schedule, after consulting our own divining rods, we have opted to postpone King Con III,” a message on the convention website states. “King Con I and II were enjoyable successes pulled out from many long hours and hard fought compromises in the independent comic world, and while we were looking forward to a third year to run even smoother, by trying to keep to the same principles of independent fortitude, we hit some unfortunate speed bumps that would have sullied the experience and choose to postpone in order to ensure a great Con in the spirit of all we have worked for.”

Although the two previous installments were largely well-received, with attendees appreciating the laid-back, DIY atmosphere, there was also some criticism of the venue — the century-old Brooklyn Lyceum, a public bathhouse turned gymnasium turned warehouse turned arts venue, has no heating or air-conditioning and a unisex restroom — and a general lack of organization.

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Comics A.M. | Tokyo’s anti-loli bill lives, a bookstore apocalypse may loom


Legal | The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is resurrecting a revised bill to tighten regulations on the sexual depictions of minors in manga, anime and video games. An earlier version of the controversial proposal was voted down in mid-June. The new bill removes vague defining terms like “nonexistent youth” and reportedly avoids references to “characters younger than 18,” increasing the likelihood that the proposed legislation will pass. [Anime News Network]

Retailing | As the small independent retail chain Joseph-Beth Booksellers files for bankruptcy protection, its president warns of even tougher times ahead for bookstores. “I think in the next three to five years, you’ll see half the bookstores in this country close,” Neil Van Uum says. [Lexington Herald-Leader, via]

Awards | The Webcomics List Awards is accepting nominations until Dec. 20. Winners will be announced on Jan. 31. [via Forbidden Planet International]

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This weekend, it’s King Con

Brooklyn is the place to be this weekend, as artists from around the area flock to the Brooklyn Lyceum in New York City for King Con.

“Artists from around the area” is not usually a phrase that strikes excitement in one’s heart, but Brooklyn is home to an amazing array of comics talent, and this is an opportunity for creators to meet with the fans without having to fly across the country (or take the subway into the city).

Artists who will be there include Chris Claremont, Dean Haspiel, Becky Cloonan, Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier, George O’Connor, Paul Pope (today only), Kyle Baker and Rick Parker. That’s everything from superheroes to kids’ comics to indie comics, all under one roof and conveniently located. Brian Heater curated the panels, and he has posted his schedule at The Daily Cross Hatch; he will be DJ at tonight’s kickoff party.

Who has the best sketchbook in Brooklyn?

Drawbridge Sketchbook art by Nathan Schreiber

That’s what organizers of King Con and members of the Drawbridge sketch blog want to know. So they’re sponsoring the King Con Drawbridge Sketchbook Competition, held as part of the Nov. 4-7 Brooklyn convention.

To qualify, entries must contain work from five different artists, and have one sketch made at at King Con 2010. The winner, who will be announced on Nov. 7, will receive the Drawbridge Sketchbook containing art by Dean Haspiel, Tim Hamilton, Simon Fraser, Reilly Brown, Nick Abadzis, Robin Ha, GB Tran, Joan Reilly and Nathan Schreiber.

“King Con and Drawbridge see the competition as a way to give back to the sketchbook collectors who commission work and support their favorite artists,” Schreiber writes on his blog. “As comic conventions grow and transform the fundamental relationship the cons are based on – that between creator and fan – runs the risk of being drowned out. The Drawbridge Sketchbook competition reaffirms this connection between creator and fan, and showcases the depth of talent and community at King Con. We’re hoping artists and fans use the competition to make and collect some amazing work!”

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