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‘Kingdom Hearts’ leaps to life in these incredible cosplay photos

kingdom hearts1

Forget the enormous, impractical keyblades and costly CGI, the biggest hurdle to a live-action adaptation of Kingdom Hearts is undoubtedly the shoes, as these cosplay photos illustrate. And possibly those pants.

That said, this photo set by Julia Wawawa, featuring Jin as Sora and Sarah as Kairi, is absolutely amazing.

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Real-life ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Oathkeeper is ridiculously cool, utterly impractical


While you may think the laws of a fantasy world where a Keyblade-wielding teenager rubs elbows with Disney characters couldn’t possibly translate to our world, don’t tell that to the folks at Man at Arms: Reforged.

After tackling the original Kingdom Hearts Keyblade in the first season, the Man at Arms crew decided to revisit the his game series with Sora’s weapon the Oathkeeper. Incredibly intricate, it’s characterized as the “most challenging” of the Kingdom Hearts weapons to build.

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Comics A.M. | Yen Press nabs ‘Kingdom Hearts’ license

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts

Manga | Yen Press announced a number of new manga licenses over the weekend at SakuraCon, including the manga series based on the Square Enix game Kingdom Hearts. The company will re-release some of the manga originally published by Tokyopop and publish some of the newer series as well. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Christopher Irving interviews, and Seth Kusher photographs, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman: “I am certain that I will never be able to top it, and I’m coming to grips with that. It’s somewhat disconcerting that something I created when I was 23 will be something I’m remembered for when I die, when I’m 35 (or whenever it is). …I’ll be 34 in a little bit, so I wasn’t being too optimistic for myself.” [Graphic NYC]

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