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Creators weigh in on 2013 and 2014 (Part 1)

It’s almost that time again — time for ROBOT 6’s annual takeover of the Comic Book Resources home page to celebrate our anniversary. With this year bringing our big fifth anniversary, we thought we’d get a head start with one of our annual features, “Looking Forward, Looking Back,” where we ask comics folks what they liked in 2013, what they’re looking forward to in 2014 and what projects they have planned for the coming year.

In this post, you’ll hear from Jimmy Palmiotti, Brandon Montclare, Joe Keatinge, Caanan Grall, Rafer Roberts, Josh Hechinger, Jim Gibbons, Scott Fogg, Evan “Doc” Shaner and Kyle Stevens from Kirby Krackle! Then come back later today and on Tuesday to read from more of your favorite creators.

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Kirby Krackle want a ‘world full of heroes’

Nerd rockers Kirby Krackle are back with a new video for the song “I Wanna Live In A World Full Of Heroes,” from their latest album, Super Powered Love. The video was shot in Redmond, Wash.’s The Comic Stop. The song is about a working class stiff who dreams of looking out his window and seeing Power Girl, Colossus and other heroes doing their thing.

Two comics-inspired bands plan West Coast tour

Comics have been inspiration for music for decades, but two acts have recently taken it to a whole new level — and are now uniting to take on the West Coast. Nerd-core rapper Adam Warrock and nerd-rock band Kirby Krackle are launching an eight-date tour that will start next month in Seattle and and go through California, Las Vegas and Arizona and end up in Ogden, Utah. The complete dates are:

  • Feb. 16 | Seattle | Nectar w/ Klopfenpop, DeathStar
  • Feb. 17 | Portland | Mt. Tabor w/ The Doubleclicks
  • Feb. 19 | Berkeley | Gilman St.
  • Feb. 21 | Los Angeles | The Mint
  • Feb. 22| San Diego | Ruby Room w/ Doctor Awkward
  • Feb. 23 | Las Vegas | Beauty Bar w/ Dead Neon
  • Feb. 24 | Tempe | Stray Cat Lounge w/ MegaRan
  • Feb. 26 | Ogden | Mojo’s Music w/ DJ RoboRob

The excellent poster art at right was done by cartoonist Dean Trippe.

The team-up plans to bring along some special guest performers to be announced soon. No word yet whether Lila Cheney will open for them.

Comics A.M. | Offended, Robert Crumb cancels Australia appearance

Robert Crumb

Creators | Robert Crumb has decided not to attend Graphic 2011, an arts festival scheduled for Aug. 20-21 at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Crumb told The Australian he withdrew from his headline appearance because of an article in the Australian newspaper The Telegraph that called him “a self-confessed sex pervert.”

“It’s a very, very disappointing situation,” Graphic co-curator Jordan Verzar wrote on the show’s Facebook page. “There were a legion of people eagerly anticipating his visit and the Graphic team and Sydney Opera House had been working for months to pull together the shows he was involved with and to supply an enjoyable first visit to Australia for him. I sincerely doubt that he will ever make it to Australia now. It’s a very sad day, but I’m still excited and looking forward to the rest of the great shows happening at Graphic next weekend.” [The Australian]

Retailers | Birmingham, England comics shop Nostalgia and Comics was damaged during the riots of the past few days; no one was injured, but the windows were broken. [The Forbidden Planet blog]

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Comics A.M. | Frank Miller talks Holy Terror; CLiNT controversy

Holy Terror

Comics | Frank Miller says he has finished his upcoming graphic novel, Holy Terror, which is due from Legendary Comics in September. The book, which once was set to feature Batman fighting terrorism, now stars a character called The Fixer: “I took Batman as far as anyone, and this guy is just not him. He’s been playing the crime fighter to stay in shape. What he really wants to do is fight terrorism. He knew the day would come. The story is essentially New York under attack by suicide bombers and our hero is out to find out their greater scheme. He’s much more a man of action than a detective. He’s a two-fisted Dirty Harry type, really.”[Hero Complex]

Comics | Calling it a “sick magazine comic strip depicting shootings in schools,” The Daily Mail reports on “Beat My Score,” written by UK comedian Jimmy Carr with art by Ryusuke Hamamoto. The reporter says the comic, which appears in the latest issue of Mark Millar’s CLiNT magazine, “will horrify the families of school shooting tragedies such as Dunblane and Columbine with his ultra-violent story.” CLiNT responded by saying the strip is “a nihilistic satirical sideswipe at the glamourisation of violence, tackling the difficult and disturbing effects as seen in school shootings around the world.” The comments are fun. [Daily Mail]

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Kirby Krackle goes green in ‘Ring Capacity’ video

Our friends in the Seattle nerd rock band Kirby Krackle have released a video for the song “Ring Capacity,” their ode to Green Lantern. The video features an animated battle between Hal Jordan and Sinestro, with a little help for GL from the band members.

The timing couldn’t be better, what with the Green Lantern film landing in theaters in a few weeks. There’s also a Facebook group for fans of the band hoping to get the song on the movie soundtrack.

Oni Press teams with rapper Adam WarRock for Oni Press Mixtape

Oni Press Mixtape

Oni Press and nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock have teamed up to create The Oni Press Mixtape, which features musical tracks by WarRock inspired by Stumptown, Queen & Country, The Sixth Gun, Hopeless Savages and several other Oni titles.

In addition, it features “interlude” tracks with creators such as Greg Rucka, Cullen Bunn, Jen Van Meter and Jarrett Williams, who created the artwork for the album. It can be downloaded for free from Adam WarRock’s website. And if you’re in Seattle this weekend, Adam WarRock will perform tracks from his new album at Kracklefest during the Emerald City ComiCon. The concert also features Kirby Krackle and H2Awesome.

What Are You Reading?

King City #9

King City #9

Happy Comic-Con week, and welcome to What Are You Reading? This week our special guest contributors are Jim Demonakos and Kyle Stevens from the Seattle nerd rock band Kirby Krackle. The band, whose newest video features Wolverine, is currently in Florida for Nerdapalooza, and will be in San Diego later this week at booth #1803. So stop by and say hi if you’re going.

See what the boys from Kirby Krackle, as well as the rest of the Robot 6 crew, have been reading lately after the jump …

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‘I always heal but I never stop hurting’

The nerd rock band Kirby Krackle, who jammed with Joe Quesada at C2E2 in April — have a new music video/fan film for the song “On and On,” a fun ode to Wolverine and his crazy adventures. The video is directed by Todd Downing and can be seen on YouTube.

from "On and On" by Kirby Krackle

from "On and On" by Kirby Krackle

The song is one of 22 from their latest album, E for Everyone, which also includes songs called “Secret Identity,” “Henchman” and “Great Lakes Avengers.” Let’s hope they make a video for that last one, too.

C2E2 | Marvel’s Red Hulk guitar picks (or, What does Banner know?) [Updated]

Marvel's Red Hulk/ guitar pick (via Kirby Krackle)

Marvel's Red Hulk/ guitar pick (via Kirby Krackle)

Last month at Emerald City ComiCon, Marvel teased its next Spider-Man event by handing out guitar picks at the Kirby Krackle/Joe Quesada show bearing the then-mysterious acronym “O.M.I.T.” Saturday at C2E2 saw another performance by Quesada and the Seattle-based “nerd rock band,” and the return of the guitar picks.

But this time — as seen on the Kirby Krackle Twitter feed — the picks depict Red Hulk on one side and on the other. There’s nothing at the website address at the moment, but I’ll go out on a limb and guess it has something to do with the revelation of Rulk’s identity.

Update: Although isn’t working yet, a reader points out in the comments there’s now a “BANNERKNOWS” video at featuring Senior Editor Mark Paniccia and writer Jeph Loeb.

Guitar picks from the Kirby Krackle/Joe Quesada show (or, What is O.M.I.T.?)

Guitar picks from the Kirby Krackle concert at Emerald City ComiCon (photo by George Tramountanas)

Guitar picks from the Kirby Krackle concert at Emerald City ComiCon (photo by George Tramountanas)

Among the highlights of Emerald City ComiCon was the Sunday concert by Seattle-based “nerd rock band” Kirby Krackle (Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos) and special guest Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. At the performance, which marked the release of the band’s sophomore album E for Everyone, attendees were given these nifty Marvel-branded guitar picks that bear the mysterious acronym “O.M.I.T.” (Anyone have a guess what it stands for?)

Look for more images from the concert and the convention later this afternoon in Comic Book Resource’s Emerald City ComiCon photo parade.

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