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UK fan shows off the Pryde of his Shelf Porn


Welcome to Shelf Porn, your weekly look at a fan’s set-up. Today’s shelves come from Dan in the UK, who shows us his comics, original art and more.

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And now here’s Dan …

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Deathlok predicts the future in Wolverine & The X-Men Twitter class

The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning

In a novel use of Twitter, Marvel live-tweeted a class from the curriculum of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, straight from the pages of Wolverine & The X-Men. Taking part in the class were Headmistress Kitty Pryde, students Genesis, Kid Gladiator, Quentin Quire, Idie Okonkwo, Broo, Rockslide and Anole, and guest lecturer Deathlok.

Warning: Potential spoilers follow.

While much of the class consisted of banter from the students insulting each other and gossiping about campus events, there were a few pieces of information gleaned from the guest lecture in “Future History 101.” After the lecture officially began, Quentin Quire and Rockslide engaged in a debate as to what was different about Headmistress Pryde.

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In another lifetime, Kittyhawk led the New Mutants

Letters of Note, a blog that posts letters related to history and pop culture, shares a letter from John Byrne to Chris Claremont on the creation of Kitty Pryde. In the letter, which is now owned by Jonathan Mueller, Byrne provides not only an illustration but powers, potential codenames (including Sprite and Ariel, both of which were eventually used, and Kittyhawk, which wasn’t) and the suggestion that she be on a second team of “X-Men in training.”


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