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Toby Cypress threatens the return of Kursk

As someone who subscribes to the theory that there can never be enough Toby Cypress art in the world, and expect you feel the same, so here’s some good news. Cypress’ workblog/webcomic Kursk, on hiatus/unfinished since July 2011, has shown flickering signs of life. This artwork was created as an incentive print to contributors to the KaBOOMbox Kickstarter, and comes with the threat “Kursk returning 2013 … to destroy everything”. Looking forward to the end of the world has never before seemed so …  sensible.

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Toby Cypress kicks off Kursk webcomic

Phenomenal artist Toby Cypress has been letting his independent spirit flow these past few years; last year the Joe Kubert-graduate announced he was self-published his graphic novel Rodd Racer, and now the artist is branching out with his first webcomic: Kursk.

Set in a dystopian future Earth with the world’s most dangerous man, Kursk is a chance for the world-at-large to see this unique talent that until now has been hard to come by.On his blog, Cypress says that Kursk is “an experimental project for me, that I produce on my free time. Instead of watching TV, or playing videogames…or dating *sigh”.

Cypress is perhaps best known for his work with Brian Wood on the graphic novel The Tourist, but he’s also worked far and wide on things as diverse as Uncanny X-Men, Predator, an issue of Batman/Nightwing, and work in Popgun Vol. 1 and Swallow Book Four.

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