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Comics A.M. | IDW Limited launches; Swedish libraries grapple with Tintin

IDW Limited

Publishing | IDW Publishing CEO Ted Adams discusses the company’s new IDW Limited program, which will produce small print runs of deluxe editions that will be marketed direct to the consumer. How small? The print run for the Blue Label edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1 Deluxe Limited Edition will be 10 copies. “The only fair thing to do is to give the fans direct access on a first come first served basis,” he said. “We’re putting an incredible emphasis on quality, and that directly affects the quantity of books IDW Limited can produce. We’re designing new covers, building custom cases and paying the artists to do hand drawn sketch work to go with these books. The reality is that that’s all very expensive and unfortunately it makes it difficult for us to offer this line at the deep discount needed for traditional retail distribution.” [ICv2]

Libraries | Following the firestorm sparked last month when a youth library in Stockholm briefly removed Tintin comics because of their racial caricatures of Africans and Arabs, a survey finds that 10 percent of Swedish libraries have removed or restricted Herge’s books due to “racist content.” [The Local]

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Good bet: This weekend, it’s MorrisonCon & Las Vegas Comic Expo

As we noted earlier this month, this weekend sees a Sin City showdown as the Capital of Second Chances plays host to overlapping comics convention: MorrisonCon and Las Vegas Comic Expo.

They’re not exactly rival events, as the former is a fairly exclusive affair catering to 1,000 or fewer devotees of Grant Morrison who are willing to pony up $699 to $1,099 (including hotel) to rub elbows with the writer and a handful of other creators. The latter, meanwhile, appeals to a broader cross-section of mainstream comics fans (plus tickets are just $25 a day).

Clearly, it’s a good weekend to be a comics fan with some extra cash in Las Vegas. Keep your eyes on Comic Book Resources Saturday and Sunday for coverage of both events.

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Sin City showdown: MorrisonCon vs. Las Vegas Comic Expo

If you’re a comics fan, you may want to go to Las Vegas the last weekend of this month. That’s where, on Sept. 29 and 30, there will be two competing comic conventions — Las Vegas Comic Expo and MorrisonCon — taking place just blocks away from each other. Comic-Con International has seen secondary events like Tr!ckster spring up to take advantage of the annual pilgrimage of fans, but these two Las Vegas conventions were planned without knowing the other would be there.

On MorrisonCon’s website, the organizers address this comic culture double-booking by saying the secretive nature of both events made it so they didn’t know their dates conflicted until both had signed venue contracts and announced dates.

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