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Comics A.M. | ‘Attack on Titan’ Vol. 13 sells 1.4M copies in first week

Attack on Titan, Vol. 13

Attack on Titan, Vol. 13

Manga | The 13th volume of Hajime Isayama’s hit dystopian fantasy Attack on Titan sold 1.4 million copies in Japan during its first week of release: 1.13 million copies of the regular edition, and 270,000 of a special edition that includes the original video animation. Kodansha ordered a 2.75 million-copy initial print run, a record not only for the series but for the publisher as well. The 66th volume of One Piece holds the record in Japan for highest sales in the first week with nearly 2.3 million copies. [Crunchyroll]

Publishing | Darren Davis of Bluewater Productions, talks about the evolution of his company and the origin story of its Female Force bio-comics line: “[W]e saw a comic book done of Barack Obama and John McCain during the 2008 elections, and my partner joked and said, ‘Why don’t we do Hillary?’ And I thought, oh my God, that’s a brilliant idea.So I thought, let’s do this, but let’s do it differently. Let’s not do it like everyone else, with a boring biography. We did it with a female empowerment angle. We released Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin at the same time, and whether you like Sarah Palin or hate Hillary Clinton, you have to respect both of them for where they came from and who they are.” [The Beaverton Leader]

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Q&A: Lauren Davis on The Comic Book Guide the Mission

The Comic Book Guide to the Mission

If there’s any neighborhood out there that deserves its own comic book, it would have to be The Mission in San Francisco, home to awesome tacos and burritos, back-alley murals and Mission San Francisco de Asís, the oldest building in the city. And now there is one — The Comic Book Guide the Mission, a guide to the San Francisco neighborhood that features stories by Mario Hernandez, Shaenon K. Garrity, Jamaica Dyer, Mike White and many more. I spoke with Lauren Davis, who edited and published the anthology.

JK: What is about The Mission that inspired you to put this guide together?

Lauren: In a lot of ways, the Mission represents a lot of what San Francisco is to me: It has a rich history, but it’s changing rapidly (and not, in everyone’s opinions, for the better). It’s easy enough to have a good time if you stick to the major thoroughfares, but has its share of secret spots. And it’s the sort of place that can easily make you feel like an anthropologist or an outsider. It’s a place I selfishly wanted to learn more about and see through other peoples’ eyes.

JK: Are all the creators involved from SF? How did you go about recruiting them?

Lauren: With the exception of Ariel Schrag, who grew up in Berkeley and has since moved away, all of the contributors live in the Bay Area.

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