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Peter Snejbjerg returns with graphic novel series World War X: Hélius

After spending much of 2012 absent from comic shelves, artist Peter Snejbjerg is coming back with a vengeance this year with not one, but two new projects.

In addition to returning to the Mignola-verse with a new B.P.R.D. series, in February Snejbjerg will debut a graphic novel series with writer M. Jerry Frissen called World War X: Hélius. It’s set in a near-future story in which the International Space Station breaks communication with Earth, leaving the people on the ground at a loss for why. As it turns out, a bizarre alien life form has awoken from a deep slumber and set it sights on Earth — beginning with the ISS. The only man with the potential to fend off this alien threat is a man named Hélius, who may not be as human as he looks.

“[World War X: Hélius is the] first of a series of 3, out from Le Lombard!,” Snejbjerg posted on his website. “What, it’s in French, you say? You can’t read that? Sure you can, don’t be silly. Otherwise you’ll just have to find an English-language publisher and beat them ’round the head with rolled-up copies of Secret Wars, untill they give in and put it out in a language you can.”

As Snejbjerg playfully explains, there are no announced plans for World War X: Hélius  to be translated for English-speaking audiences. Although Le Lombard has brought some of its books out for British and American readers, the publisher’s track record is rather spotty.

Here’s a trailer Le Lombard released to announce World War X: Hélius:

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Darren Aronofsky’s Noah graphic novel available in Europe

Last week I wrote a piece on CBR on movie screenwriters seeing comics as a home for screenplays that never got a shot at becoming a movie, and one of the subjects was Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. News coming out of Europe shows that the director’s done more than just talked about it, he’s done it.

/Film has the scoop that French publisher Le Lombard has released the first graphic novel in the series, titled Noe. This 72 page book is on sale for €15.95 and I can already feel Aronofsky fans in America and the UK looking for a place to buy it. No English-language release has been scheduled, but that doesn’t mean it won’t soon. After initially passing on the movie, Paramount has since greenlit this project for a movie — similiar to how Aronofsky brought The Fountain to Vertigo before getting a second chance to film it.

The graphic novel Noe is co-written by Ari Handel and illustrated by Nico Henrichon, best known for his OGN Pride of Baghdad with Brian K. Vaughn. Click through for a first look at pages from the book.

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