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Take a look: LeVar Burton endorses Free Comic Book Day


Of all the promotional videos created for Free Comic Book Day, this is easily my favorite to date. In it, LeVar Burton, Star Trek: The Next Generation veteran and host of the long-running Reading Rainbow shares how his love of reading began with comic books.

“You see, I’m an Army brat,” he says. “My father was in the military, and when were stationed in Germany comic books were a treasured item we first read and then traded with one another. They also kept us connected to the popular culture back home.”

That provides the perfect segue for Burton to talk about Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day, when participating retailers across North America and around the globe will offer some 60 titles– for free. But you don’t have to take my word for it — just watch the video below.

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Fact-checking LeVar Burton’s ConCERNed

Simon Barstow shuts down the LHC with his mind

Simon Barstow shuts down the LHC with his mind

When I saw LeVar Burton’s new comic ConCERNed, I knew immediately what I had to do.

I looked across the breakfast table and said, “Honey, could you please read this?”

Because yes, I am married to a physicist who works on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and I couldn’t resist hearing what he had to say about it.

Fortunately my husband has read a fair number of comics, and he was willing to suspend disbelief. He saw right away that it was a classic origin story, and the fact that the main character can generate material objects with his mind bothered me more than him. (OK, I can see a chunk of metal, maybe. But a set of golf clubs?)

But what about the physics?

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