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Greatest Comic of All Time | Light Comitragies

The greatest comics of all time don’t appear on bestseller charts or canon lists or big-box bookstore shelves.  They are the property of the back issue bins and thrift store crates and convention tables of America, living like the medium itself in the unseen crags and pockets of publishing history…

Light Comitragies, by Greg Irons with an art assist by Sheridan Irons and prose excerpts by Tom Veitch.  Cover-dated 1971.  Published by Print Mint; a What’s So Funnies production in cooperation with the Overland Vegetable Stagecoach and T.V. Enterprises, Ltd.

How acquired: Every used bookshop in the East San Francisco Bay Area worth its salt has at least one big box of old underground comics sitting atop a pile of cat hair off in some dusty and neglected corner.  A few decades back there was a minute where the world’s most aggressively different comics were all created, printed, and distributed in Oakland and Berkeley and S.F., the big difference between then and now being that in those days the best regional alternative comics got print runs in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, and today they’ll maybe top a hundred copies if you’re real lucky.  A century from now you’ll still be able to get cheap underground comics in the Bay Area.  They left a mark on their birthplace the like of which few comics — hell, few arts scenes in general — have ever been able to.  I grabbed this one out of the back of the dilapidated box in the secondhand store down the street from the house where I grew up.

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