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Collect This Now! | Mack White’s Villa of the Mysteries

Villa of the Mysteries #2

CIA conspiracies. Carny shows. Obscure pagan rituals. Snake handlers. Brainwashed assassins. Nudist nuns. Roman gods. Psychedelic western landscapes. Very short men with very, very large penises.

Such are the essential elements found in the comics of Mack White, who, for the past couple of decades, has created some of the most bizarre, paranoid and succulently pulpish comics around.

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Straight for the art | Mack White’s ‘Roadside Hell’

White's 'Roadside Hell'

White's 'Roadside Hell'

Over at his blog, Mack White has posted a few sample panels from his upcoming short story that will appear in the third volume of the Hotwire Comics anthology. Looks like the sort of trippy, conspiracy-laden, horror-tinged stuff I’ve come to expect from White, which is definitely a good thing.

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