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Honk If You Love Justice!

I’ve got a few different comic-related shirts to show you today, and I’ll start with today’s TeeFury selection since it’s only available for 24 hours. If you’re a fan of the big blue justice-loving Tick, head over there and snatch up today’s $10 T-shirt while you still can.

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The majesty of Joel Micah Harris’ super-manatees

The greatest thing you’re likely to see all day — hell, all week — is Joel Micah Harris‘ series portraits of DC Comics and Marvel superheroes as manatees. As ludicrous as the concept is, Harris manages to wring a lot of emotion out of these mash-ups, creating downright regal images of Martian Manatee Hunter and Captain Amanatee, and depicting a Fastest Manatee Alive that’s not only fleet of flipper but maybe a little melancholy.

See Martian Manatee Hunter and Womanatee below, and many more on Harris’ DeviantART page.

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