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Clydene Nee, ‘the face and hands’ of CCI’s Artists Alley, needs some help

clydene neeAny creator who’s exhibited in Artists Alley at Comic-Con International over the past 24 years is undoubtedly familiar with Clydene Nee, who in the words of Mark Brooks is “the face and hands” of the area and “a true friend of the industry and of artists in particular.” An unpaid volunteer for the annual event since 1979, Nee has in recent years experienced a series of health problems, requiring her at last year’s con to oversee Artists Alley from a motorized scooter.

When she emailed Brooks over the weekend about a particularly difficult few months, involving kidney failure, emergency surgery, renal failure, dialysis and the need for a kidney transplant, the artist launched a campaign on GoFundMe to help Nee with her mounting medical expenses. (Nee has explained more about her situation today on her Facebook page, writing, “I am sorry to say I will not get better until I get a transplant. I am in what is called End Stage Renal Disease. My kidneys have failed and I am on dialysis 3 times a week.”)

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