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Vengeance has a name in this ‘Punisher’ TV series fan trailer


Fans eager to see The Punisher make the leap from Daredevil to his own television series get a taste of what the Netflix drama might look like in this slickly produced fan trailer.

The work of YouTuber Jor-El of Krypton, the video borrows from several sources, including Daredevil, The Purge: Anarchy and Punisher: War Zone, to craft a convincing teaser for a story of vengeance starring Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the trailer is that it’s surprisingly light on violence, yet it still manages to strike the right chord with the character.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates wins prestigious MacArthur ‘genius grant’

Courtesy of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Courtesy of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Journalist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates, announced just last week as the writer of Marvel’s new Black Panther comic, is one of 24 people selected as 2015 fellows of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Commonly referred to as a “genius grant,” the prestigious award comes with a $625,000 cash prize distributed quarterly over five years, with no strings attached.

“When I first got the call from the MacArthur Foundation, I was ecstatic,” Coates, author of the bestselling Between the World and Me, says in the video below, “and then I was deeply, deeply honored. We labor in the dark, y’know. If anybody even reads what I’m doing, that’s a great day.”

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Here’s the (fake) ‘Spider-Gwen’ movie trailer fans have hoped for


Although Marvel movie fans are largely focused on Captain America: Civil War, which will introduce a new Spider-Man ahead of another franchise reboot, the folks at Vulture are already looking ahead … to a Spider-Gwen spinoff.

Come on, it’s bound to happen, eventually. Mind you, it’s highly unlikely to star Emma Stone, but you go with the Gwen Stacy you have. And video artist Alex Coulombe had plenty of footage of Stone from the two Amazing Spider-Man films, Birdman and other projects for this Spider-Gwen trailer. Plus, cosplayer Julianne Cancalosi stepped in for the full-costume shots.

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Holy snikt! There’s a monkey that looks just like Wolverine


The Wolf’s mona monkey is the best there is at what it does, and what it does is eat fruit. And fling poop, naturally.

Whetting the public’s insatiable appetite for things that look like other things, Metro followed its expose on an East Yorkshire carp that resembles 1970s-era Elton John with a bit of journalism that hits closer to home: a blue-and-yellow primate that could easily be the hirsute mutant’s stunt double.

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How ‘Big Hero 6′ should’ve ended (much sooner, apparently)


Disney’s animated Big Hero 6 was a box-office hit, grossing more than $657 million and transforming the lovable Baymax into an international superstar (and a merchandising goldmine). That’s not to say the 2014 film was without its faults, mind you.

Luckily the folks at How It Should Have Ended have stepped in to shore up a couple of those shortcomings in their latest “Shortcut” video. In a sendup of the police-station scene, they plug a couple of plot holes, instantly making the animated feature a lot shorter. Like, half-hour-TV-comedy short.

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Tony Stark is drunk again in ‘Iron Man’s Wasted’


Certainly not one to pass up low-hanging fruit (see “The Pun-isher” and “Hulk Run Errands”), Fox’s Animation Domination High-Def takes on Tony Stark’s legendary drinking problem in “Iron Man’s Wasted.”

Set to the tune of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” (because, of course), “Iron Man’s Wasted” follows the Golden Avenger from one low to the next, as he texts ex-girlfriends, gets a bad tattoo, robs a liquor store, and is tossed — ever-so-briefly — in jail. Warning: The video contains profanity … and cartoon penises.

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Amazing X-Men playing cards are better than any in Gambit’s deck


Although the exclusion of Gambit seems like a missed opportunity, it’s difficult to find any other fault with these incredible X-Men playing cards designed by illustration Mark Eastwood. Well, beyond that they’re not readily available for purchase.

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Hulk smash (gender roles): Dad makes daughters a Hulk princess cake


A reddit user’s twin daughters wanted a Hulk princess cake for their fourth birthday, so by gosh that’s exactly what he made them.

It’s not fancy, and it’s probably not going to earn this dad a spot on Food Network, but it has won him a place in our hearts. From the lavender skirt to the purple bodice to the red tiara, it’s undeniably awesome. Or should that be totally awesome?

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The Fifth Color | Ms. Marvel, family and the American Dream

mw_aWeR_Za1kQH0vmgq2b_AI got this shirt for my son, who’s now 2 years old (can you believe it?): It has a picture of Batman on the front and says in big, bold letters, “Legend in the Making.” It’s a nice sentiment … until you realize how Batman became a legend, and what that means for my husband and me. (Note to self: Don’t wear a fancy necklace to the movies).

But most legends don’t leave a lot of room for parents.

Sometimes, heroes set off on grand adventures to escape their parents, but more often than not, the mother or father dies. It’s how Cinderella and Snow White became saddled with wicked stepmothers, how Tony Stark ended up with a sizable fortune, and why Peter Parker went to live with his aunt and uncle.

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Figuarts’ Ultron figure is on its way to menace the Avengers


More than five months after the debut of the core SH Figuarts action figures for Avengers: Age of Ultron — Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk, but no other heroes — Bandai has finally revealed their opponent. Y’know, the homicidal robot from the film’s title.

Standing about 6.9 inches tall, Ultron looks incredibly detailed, and incredibly menacing (for comparison, the Hulk figure is 9 inches tall). Available for preorder for about $58 from Tamashi Nations, the SH Figuarts Ultron is expected to ship in May 2016.

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This Black Panther statue will prowl shelves next spring

black panther9

First we get the long-awaited Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection, and now we receive our first official look at the Black Panther Fine Art Statue from Kotobukiya. You’d almost think there’s a film in development or something.

Showcased in July at Comic-Con International, Black Panther is depicted crouching on the head of an ancient panther statue overgrown with foliage. The 1/6th-scale statue is about 12 inches tall.

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Comics A.M. | DC and Marvel in the creator-owned era

Daredevil, by Marcos Martin

Daredevil, by Marcos Martin

Comics | David Harper examines why Marvel and DC remain important — “indispensable,” even — despite the ascendance of creator-owned comics. “Opposite to what it was before where you’d form yourself in your own comics and then graduate to the big companies, now the big companies are going to form you in order to graduate you to your own comics,” Marcos Martin explains. “That’s why I think Marvel and DC are indispensable. They’re great. That means there is an industry. We need that industry in order to bring creators and form them so they can at one point put together their own stories.” [Sktchd]

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Hot Toys gets stealthy with new Iron Man Mark III figure


Hot Toys has revealed the first look at its Iron Man Mark III (Stealth Mode Version) collectible figure, which will premiere this weekend at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention.

The die-cast 1/6th-scale figure will be available for purchase at the event, alongside the stealth version of the Mark XLIII Cosbaby bobble-head. Fans will also be able to preorder the Hot Toys-exclusive 1/6th-scale First Order Stormtrooper Squad Leader from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Comics A.M. | Four challenges facing the comics industry

Secret Wars #1

Secret Wars #1

Publishing | Todd Allen pulls the camera way back for a broad look at four challenges facing the comics market: the shift from serial comics to graphic novels, editorial changes at DC Comics and Marvel, and the virtual monopolies that comiXology has in the digital sector and Diamond Comic Distributors has in print. How could that play out? “In the best-case scenario, Marvel’s relaunch sticks with the audience, DC restaffs and regains its footing, the Direct Market retailers embrace risk diversification and increase their stock of independent comics, bookstores continue to expand their graphic novel selections. Comics enter a legitimate golden age. In the worst case, Disney and/or Warner Bros. both tinker with their formula of making monthly print comics and Direct Market retailers face a new and uncertain business model.” [Publishers Weekly]

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WeLoveFine hits the jackpot with new Spider-Verse collection


Online apparel company WeLoveFine, which debuted a Spider-Gwen collection in May, has expanded with a Spider-Verse line of clothing for men and women inspired by Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, Silk and even more Spider-Gwen.

Available for preorder, the collection by Catherine Elhoffer includes a Spider-Woman moto jacket, based on Kris Anka’s redesign, Silk, Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen Dolman shrugs, a Silk open-front cardigan, Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen knit sweaters for men and women, and a Spider-Gwen zip-up hoodie.

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