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Matt Cowan comments on casting confusion with ‘Sounds Like’


Matt Cowan’s handle on DeviantArt is “Matt Can’t Draw”, which isn’t necessarily true. Sure, he is more of a designer, a conceptual artist, than a straight-up “drawer.” His latest series, “Sounds Like,” is possibly a thinly veiled dig at the lack of imagination of Hollywood casting departments. Or is it just an excuse to draw his favorite characters together?

In any case, check them out below. And if you harbor some irrational prejudice against DeviantArt, Cowan’s work is also posted to his Tumblr.

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Art Barrage | Detecting Comics — international edition

Jace Wallace is an illustrator and concept artist who paints digitally. His website mainly showcases fantasy, fashion and video-game work (warning: much NSFW content abounds at that link), but his style also has a strong visible comic book/manga influence, so when I came across this Catwoman sketch at his blog, I realized he was fair game for Art Barrage. The above image, and another Catwoman design, are available as prints from his web store. Plenty more can’t-miss art can be found below from around the world: Poland’s Przemek Blejzyk and Matt Cowan, Russia’s amazing Otto Schmidt, the U.K.’s Tony Wright, Spain’s Javier Olivares, and Greece’s Theodore Kontaxis.

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Matt Cowan’s superhero ABCs

I was going to file this under “Wish This Was Real,” but it probably needs a “Wish This Was Complete” first. Matt Cowan does great, minimalist posters and other art, and he’s turned those talents toward the beginning of a superhero alphabet with clever designs and charming “rhymes.”

The scare quotes are because the alphabet isn’t finished, so none of the phrases that accompany each letter actually matches up with a phrase from an adjacent letter. Geek Art has helpfully collected all the pages (“so far,” I say, optimistically) and — as Cowan’s done some letters multiple times — it suggests this is more of an experiment than something he plans to complete. It’s so delightful, though, that I hope he reconsiders that.

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