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Quote of the Day | Matt Loux on the Sidescrollers controversy

Sidescrollers is a fun slacker romp with some crass humor, and swearing (god forbid) but an overall positive, anti-bullying, message. Whether it belonged on a school reading list in the first place isn’t for me to decide. I AM bothered by the Enfield Board of Education’s knee-jerk reaction to yank it from their list and disallow the individual schools the ability to decide on titles all because of a single parent’s complaint who’s child apparently did not even attend this school. Schools are so frequently bullied by outside influences that they become overly sensitive to the slightest hint of controversy, resulting in a sterile and uninteresting curriculum. This neglects student development and could even forever stunt their interest in education. But when it boils down to it, the schools of Enfield have the right to do what they will and I respect their decision, however cowardly it may be. But never forget, kids aren’t stupid. They deserve the freedom to explore new ideas for themselves even if some don’t agree with them. I truly believe that kids, especially of high school age, should be free to read ANYTHING they want.”

— cartoonist Matt Loux on the removal of his graphic novel Sidescrollers from the Enfield, Connecticut, public schools’ list of summer reading for incoming freshmen. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has asked the school district to reconsider, noting the board did not follow its own procedures in removing the book from the reading list.

Comics A.M. | Why collectors’ market is booming; Homestuck Kickstarter

Action Comics #1

Comics | Auction prices for comics and original comics art have soared over the past few years, ever since a copy of Action Comics #1 broke the $1-million mark in 2010. Barry Sandoval of Heritage Auctions (admittedly, not a disinterested party) and Michael Zapcic of the comics shop Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash discuss why that happened—and why prices are likely to stay high. [Underwire]

Crowdfunding | Homestuck is a phenomenon. Kickstarter is a phenomenon. Put them together and you get … a Kickstarter to fund a Homestuck game that raises $275,000 in a matter of hours. [Kotaku]

Creators | Brian Michael Bendis looks back on his eight-year run on Marvel’s Avengers franchise. []

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Matt Loux starts thinking (in color) about his new project

Teaser alert! Matt Loux, the creator of Salt Water Taffy and Sidescrollers, has started work on his new graphic novel The Time Museum, which will be published eventually by First Second Books, apparently in color. That right there is some good news, but here’s more: Loux will be posting bits and pieces as he works on the book, such as the pre-production piece above, which he is using to work out some of the coloring techniques.

There’s a bit more about the book at Publishing Industry Lowdown: It’s about “a precocious girl who must compete against talented kids from every age in human history in a great time-traveling challenge, where the applicants must evade marauding dinosaurs, explore the lost Library of Alexandria and confront the mysterious Grey Earl.”

Loux has set up a Twitter account for the book, which should make it easy to follow his updates.

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