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ShiftyLook adds Wagan Land to webcomic lineup

The webcomics site ShiftyLook continues its mission of transforming retro (i.e., old) video games into comics with the launch of its latest webcomic Wagan Land.

Written by Matt Moylan, who also scripted Bravoman, and illustrated by Rob Porter, the comic is based on a classic Namco platform game series of the same name that was released in Japan between 1989 and 1994; this comic marks the debut of the property outside Japan.

Both the comic and the game feature a mechanical dinosaur named Wagan, who is trying to thwart a mad scientist who is threatening his homeland. (Apparently this requires a lot of jumping from platform to platform.) Check out some art samples, plus a vintage Wagand Land ad, below.

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Udon drops the floppy for oversized graphic novels

Toronto-based publisher Udon Entertainment, best known for comics based on Capcom games like Street Fighter, is launching a new line of original graphic novels—and dropping the monthly-comic format.

The line is launching with the first volume of RandomVeus, an original graphic novel by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, who has honed his skills working on Udon’s Street Fighter graphic novels. Here’s the publisher’s brief description, which I could not possibly improve upon:

Created by Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz and co-writer Leonard Bermingham, RandomVeus stars bouffant-sporting hero Raimundo and the team of One-Dimensional Couriers as they deliver mysterious packages to every corner of the wild world known as the RandomVeus! Octopus ninjas, jazz-playing demons, buxom lady-pirates, cyborg gorillas, samurai mushrooms, and one giant furry squid monster are all on tap in this zaniest of zany adventures!

That certainly seems to have a lot of crowd-pleasers, but don’t go looking for a monthly fix: Udon will be publishing these original stories strictly as graphic novels in an amply sized 8″ x 11″ format, and they plan to move in that direction with their game-based comics as well.

“We want to give our artists’ stories the best presentation possible right out the gate, so our focus is shifting to this deluxe format for our releases, dropping the monthly ‘floppy’ comic entirely,” says UDON managing editor Matt Moylan. “While comic book sales are down all over the industry, UDON continues to do very well with our trade paperbacks and art books. We’re taking the best of both by producing full length graphic novels at the same oversized dimensions that readers of our art books and ‘Ultimate Edition’ collections have come to enjoy.”

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