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Talking Comics with Tim | Sean T. Collins


It’s happened again (last time it was Michael May), I am interviewing one of my fellow Robot 6 pals. This time it’s writer Sean T. Collins, regarding Destructor, the webcomic described as an “ongoing story of villainy byCollins and Matt Wiegle, updated Mondays and Thursdays … ‘Alone he fled, and came in from Outside. Upon the seething streets of Planet D he landed, in his armor and his rage. With General at his side and Wall behind, he wrote his name in blood across the worlds, worlds he would conquer, filled with foes to crush. He formed the Mob and set their star alight, the guns and gangs, machines and magic theirs, the red ambition his and his alone, until the System shuddered at his name: Destructor—the most dangerous man alive.'” As engaging and sometimes maddening  a co-worker (we have vastly different critical minds, an observation that I hope he takes as the compliment it is) as Collins may be, I was not surprised in the slightest to find him to be a great creator to interview.

Tim O’Shea: You are a faithful reader of Tom Brevoort’s Twitter account, do you think he returns the favor and is an avid reader of Destructor?

Sean T. Collins: Hahaha! Aw, I’m sure we don’t have nearly enough commenters asking us who would win in a fight, Jean Grey or the Blue Marvel, and given how much he looooooves that sort of thing we’re probably not high on his reading list. He’s a reader I’d love to have, though. Are you there, Tom? It’s me, the guy who makes posts out of your tweets.

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My MoCCA haul

Sean's MoCCA 2010 loot

Sean's MoCCA 2010 loot

I came to shop.

Seriously, I was just about as excited for this past weekend’s MoCCA festival as I’ve ever been for any comic convention. And it wasn’t because of the guests or the panels or even getting to see so many of my friends and colleagues — it was because of the comics. The best thing about a small-press show is your ability to dig into the tables and come away with enough treasures to keep you reading happily for weeks. Proceeding from the top left of the picture above in as logical a fashion as I can manage, here’s a rundown of my personal treasure trove…

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Straight for the art | Matt Wiegle’s 1984 video

Even if you haven’t read George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece Nineteen Eighty-Four, you’re undoubtedly familiar with its ominous mantra-like totalitarian slogan, “Big Brother Is Watching You.” Now you can watch Big Brother right back, courtesy of Ignatz Award nominated comics creator Matt Wiegle. Wiegle’s illustrated a summary video of Orwell’s novel for, Barnes & Noble’s study-guide site. You can check out sketches, pencils, and inks for many of the scenes in the July and August archives of, the website of Wiegle’s comics collective — as well as a few full-color finished versions at my other blog.

This isn’t the first time Wiegle’s worked with Sparknotes: He helped adapt Romeo & Juliet into graphic-novel form for their No Fear Shakespeare series. (To see him work with a vastly less talented creator, you can read three comics he and I did together at Top Shelf 2.0 if you’re so inclined.)

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