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Say yes to the Empire, say no to May the 4th!


Although it might have seemed we were safe from another onslaught of political commercials until at least next spring, the Emperor’s Committee to Destroy May the 4th has released an attack ad that would make Karl Rove proud.

“Every year on May the 4th, citizens gather in celebration of Jedi, rebels and the power of the Force,” the narrator says solemnly. “The wear costumes, have parties and share pictures and greetings on their social networks. They say it’s fun, but what aren’t they telling you about May the 4th?”

A lot, it turns out. For starters, the rebels and Jedi are traitors, along with everyone who celebrates May the 4th. Oh, and wearing Jedi outfits is a crime under the Emperor’s Subversive Apparel Act, so cut that out (especially those embarrassing rat tails).

In case you’re foolish enough to disregard the warnings of the ad, has a guide to “How to Party Like an Ewok For May the 4th.”

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Woodblock artist headlines eclectic ‘Star Wars’ event

rebel scum blaster

We’ve seen all manner of creature and creation in the Star Wars universe, but this is something else.

Subversive woodblock print artist Sean Starwars is showing off a series of Star Wars woodblock prints at the Los Angeles art gallery Coagula Curatorial on May 4, which is both Free Comic Book Day and the unofficial Star Wars fan day “May the Fourth Be With You.” The artist, who legally changed his last name to “Starwars,” is a member of a group called the Outlaw Printmakers, and has taken his passion for George Lucas’ seminal creation and put it down on wood. He will be doing screen-printing live at the event. In addition to Starwars’ work, Coagula Curatorial will also be having Star Wars costume contests, games, screen-printing, puppets and even a comedy show.

Here’s more examples of Starwars’ woodblock prints:

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