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McBess unleashes the music in animated TV spot for Deezer

Matthieu Bessudo, the French artist commonly known as McBess, is becoming very popular indeed with the advertising industry. Known in the comics world primarily for the work he’s produced for the boutique U.K, publisher NoBrow, his background is both in animation and music, playing guitar in various bands, making him the perfect man for this great ad for the streaming music service Deezer.

The 32-second short features a host of trademark McBess tattooed rock ‘n’ rollers who refuse to allow music to be contained like a genie in the bottle, letting it spill out in a series of bravura flowing animated musical set pieces, then ending with the motto “nothing will stop the music.” McBess’sstyle has previously graced ads for the Nissan Qashqui SUV and this memorably filthy and effective one for the charity Good Books.

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Art Barrage | Pop Art gets charitable, and weird

Another day, another gallery opening an exhibition of loosely-themed pop culture-derived art. This time it’s “The Gang’s All Here” at the Bottleneck Gallery, Brooklyn, beginning Friday and continuing through Dec. 7 (my birthday, fact fans!), 2012. Above is Chris “Raid 71″ Thornley‘s contribution. Chris (creator of that much blogged Hellboy/Peanuts mash-up “Hellnuts” a while back) is also a major contributor to the charity Art V Cancer, well worth supporting. That’s one e-commerce site you can feel good about using. More comics-quoting work below from the fields of illustration and design, including work by Butcher Billy, Walter Simonson, Wally Wood, McBess and others — including one very famous NSFW image re-contextualized!

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Some comics-related street art recently popped up in London

The crossing over of street art and comics is nothing new, with street artists trying all sorts of narrative tricks and co-opting comic book characters, and comic book artists like Jim Mahfood and Damion Scott proving that the influence runs in both directions. The street artists Jim Rockwell, Vision and Probs of the End Of The Line crew have recently completed two murals, one in tribute to Jean “Moebius” Giraud, and another publicizing the East London Comics And Arts Festival. They’ve done a decent job of copping the styles of Giraud and McBess (designer of the original ELCAF 2012 poster), and it’s fun to see Major Grubert on a London street corner.

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