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Disney merchandise rang up a record $40.9 billion in 2013

disney-licensing expo

Characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars appeared together on stage Monday for the first time ever as the entertainment giant touted its powerhouse brands ahead of the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

According to Variety, Disney is once again the world’s top licensor, with a record $40.9 billion in retail sales last year, up from $39.4 billion in 2012. With looming films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero 6 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, based on Marvel comics, the live-action Cinderella and Star Wars: Episode VII, plus the Star Wars Rebels animated television series, that seems unlikely to change in the near future.

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SDCC ’13 | This year’s Warner Bros. swag bags have capes


Warner Bros.’ oversized totes, considered the must-have accessory for Comic-Con International, are returning to San Diego — and they’re wearing capes. This year’s version is a backpack, rather than a traditional bag, so the capes make sense, at least visually. Don’t worry, though, they’re detachable, and can be worn separately.

More than 130,000 backpacks will be given for free to attendees throughout the convention, promoting Warner Bros. television series Arrow, Teen Titans Go! (complete with Beware the Batman cape), The Big Bang Theory, The Following, Revolution, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, the classic Batman TV series, the DC Universe Original Animated Movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and the forthcoming films Godzilla, The LEGO Movie and 300: Rise of an Empire.

Each backpack features the official Comic-Con 2013 design on one side, and the Warner Bros. property on the other. Unfortunately, art wasn’t released for all of the backpack designs, but you can get a pretty good taste below.

Comic-Con International kicks off Wednesday with Preview Night.

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Penny Arcade takes over Christmas with loads of merchandise

The Last Christmas

You might be used to seeing various DC Comics and Marvel swag at your local chain department store, but just because they’re the biggest doesn’t mean they’re the best. The creators of the mega-popular webcomic Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, have really out-done themselves with their expansive merchandise section this holiday season: In addition to shirts, hats, toys, plushes and, yes, comic books based on the Penny Arcade strip itself, their webcomic empire is offering a variety of those things to appeal to comics fans and gamers who may not have any knowledge of the strip.

Among what’s offered is a Christmas board book (think Golden Books from your childhood) called The Last Christmas, sporting a cover wherein Cthulhu is grappling with Santa Claus. Also featured is a number of shirts for babies, including a precociously cute “Gamebaby” shirt done in the style of the Nintendo Gameboy.

It’s amazing how one webcomic could spawn such a diverse and seemingly fruitful company expanding so heavily into merchandising, but, hey … didn’t Walt Disney say “it all started with a mouse?”

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Comics A.M. | Dave Gibbons on digital; Stan Lee cancels appearance

"Treatment: Mexico City," by Dave Gibbons

Digital comics | Watchmen co-creator David Gibbons discusses the comics he’s making for the Madefire digital app: “The term that we bandied around was that reading comics on the Madefire platform is a bit like reading comics on “intelligent” paper in that it’s got all the virtues of regular paper but it can do a whole lot of other things that a printed version can’t. There are wonderful things it can do with movement of the tablet, with animated transitions, and with ambient and event sound. We’ve also talked about creating the new grammar of graphic storytelling.” [ICv2]

Creators | A sold-out appearance by Stan Lee scheduled for Sept. 27 at Ohio’s Toledo-Lucas County Public Library has been canceled because of what the legendary writer’s agent reportedly described as “a very serious circumstance.” The library had sold 2,300 tickets for the “Authors! Authors!” series event, which had already been moved from April 18 because of a scheduling conflict. Lee, who turns 90 in December, cut short some public appearances in May, with a spokesman citing promotional fatigue and the death of Lee’s longtime business associate Arthur Lieberman. [Toledo Blade]

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Quick, Robin! To the Bat-bowling alley!

It’s been a while since I’ve been bowling, but these Batman bowling balls and pins from Bowlers Deals make me want to pick it up again. There are various balls and pins featuring Batman (who has three different designs), Robin, Batgirl, Joker, Penguin and Bane. Most of them have different images on the front and back, too. There’s also a bat-bowling bag, and you can buy the pins individually to create a uniform set of mix and match.

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SDCC’ 12 | A roundup of pre-con con news

Comic-Con International in San Diego may officially open today (last night was Preview Night), but the news has been rolling in for awhile. So let’s take a look at what’s been announced thus far.

• Of course you can’t have Comic-Con without news about Comic-Con itself. CBR’s Kiel Phegley spoke with CCI’s David Glanzer about the show, while Ryan Ingram spoke with Scott Morse about the Tr!ckster satellite event. And it seems like every non-comics media outlet reports on the show in some form or fashion; here’s an article by The Christian Post about religion and the show, for example. And finally, Tuesday brought the tragic news that a con attendee camping out for today’s Twilight panel was killed in front of the convention center after being struck by a car.

• I’m not 100 percent sure if it qualifies as Comic-Con news, but since it was officially announced in the Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con issue, let’s just go with it. Marvel’s big news going into the Con is that they plan to relaunch several titles later this year as part of “Marvel NOW!” Their recently released solicitations reveal they plan to cancel nine titles in October, but of course you can expect many if not all of them to come back in some form or fashion as Marvel NOW! rolls out.

• Mike Mignola and Hellboy return this December in Hellboy in Hell, the first four-issue miniseries in a series of miniseries about the title character’s post-demise adventures.

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Bam! Pow! Doorstops aren’t just for kids!

I don’t even need doorstops in my house and I want these. I wonder if they make good paperweights.

You can buy the set at Chiásso ($24.0o) or just the Pow one at Kikkerland ($13.00). [Geek Alerts]

Saturday Shelf Porn | More X-Madness

In our last edition of Shelf Porn, Eric Jaskolka shared his massive collection of X-Men merchandise — action figures, jackets, Hot Wheels, cups, statues, toys — this guy has it all. But several folks in the comments section asked about his comics.

“Many have asked to see the comic book collection,” he said over email. “I have attached pictures of the boxes as most people, like myself, keep the comics bagged and board and put away.” He also included more shots of some of his merchandise, including hats, toys and even a Wolverine pizza box. Initially he asked if I could add these to the original post, but hey, we’re talking about the X-Men here — how could I not do a spinoff? If the first post was Uncanny X-Men, consider this one New Mutants or X-Factor.

If you’d like to see your collection here, it’s easy, and it doesn’t even have to be mutant-related. Just send a brief write-up on your collection and some pictures to

And now take a look at more of Eric’s collection …

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Shelf Porn Saturday

Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn Saturday, where fans share their collections with us. Today’s adamantium-laced submission come from Eric Jaskolka, who shares a Juggernaut-sized collection of X-Men toys and merchandise. Seriously, it’s gotta be seen to be believed.

If you’d like to see your collection here, it’s easy — just send a brief write-up on your collection and some pictures to

And now here’s Eric …

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Nut up or shut up with Squirrel Girl T-shirts

After years of being disrespected, laughed at and made to join the Great Lake Avengers, Squirrel Girl’s tenacity and perseverance pays off. The young girl who can chew through wood not only lands a job as the nanny to the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones in New Avengers, but she’s also got a line of T-shirts for sale by Mighty Fine T-shirts.

Check out two other designs after the jump, one of which puts the spotlight on her sidekick, Monkey Joe. All the shirts come with a bag of back-up nuts.

It’s also worth noting that while Squirrel Girl gets a whole line of T-shirts at Mighty Fine, her arch-enemy Dr. Doom only gets one, featuring rainbows and unicorns. Advantage: Squirrel Girl.

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Send Us Your Shelf Porn!


Welcome once again to Send Us Your Shelf Porn!, the feature where you send us pictures of your collection to share with comic fans everywhere. Today’s shelves come from Stephen Yarish, who runs website. This is only a portion of the pictures Steve sent; I’m holding on to some others just in case I don’t get any more before next week.

Which leads me to my next point — I need more Shelf Porn! Our supply is running low, so it’s time to fill up the reserves … please send me your write-up and pictures at, if you’re interested in sharing your comic space with our readers.

Now let’s hear from Steve …

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SDCC Wishlist | Get your Scott Pilgrim gig posters in San Diego


These could be even hotter than the Scott Pilgrim T-shirts from WonderCon … Oni Press will sell sets of four limited edition Scott Pilgrim gig posters for $120 a set. Here’s how they describe them:

Oni Press, Bryan Lee O’Malley and Daniel Danger’s Tiny Media Empire have teamed up for a limited edition run of Scott Pilgrim gig posters. Each of the four silkscreened gig posters feature a band from the Scott Pilgrim comics by Bryan Lee O’Malley including: Sex Bob-omb, Clash at Demonhead, Crash & the Boys, and Kid Chameleon.

Tiny Media Empire and three powerhouse artists have each lent their style to one of the bands in the Scott Pilgrim series. Kevin Tong, best know for his gig poster work with Sonic Youth, Weezer, and Wilco, took on the Scott Pilgrim series’ quintessential band Sex Bob-omb. Daniel Danger, founder of Tiny Media Empire, put together a legendary video game reference masterpiece for his Clash At Demonhead gig poster. Underground comics favorite, Hellen Jo, used her trademark vibrant style for the quirky Crash & The Boys. And gig poster pros, Aesthetic Apparatus, have created an iconic gem for Scott Pilgrim’s high school band Kid Chameleon.

Each of the four silkscreened, four-color, 18″ x 24″ posters is numbered and collected into a set and 200 sets will be sold at the Oni Press Booth (#1833) during San Diego Comic Con for $120 each. In addition to the full sets, 300 copies of a variant on Kevin Tong’s Sex Bob-omb gig poster featuring a metallic ink will available separately for $35.

If you aren’t going to the show, you can buy them online from each of the artist’s websites:

Check out the other two posters, as well as a lot more SP stuff Oni will have at the con, after the jump …

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SDCC ’10 | Don’t miss out on Brightest Day tote bags

WB's "Brightest Day" tote bag design

WB's "Brightest Day" tote bag design

After four years of first-come, first-served free-for-alls for giant totes at the Warner Bros. booth, the entertainment company has teamed with Comic-Con International to give bags to attendees as they check in to the convention. More than 125,000 bags have been produced.

This year WB is releasing a whopping 11 separate designs promoting the following properties: The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Fringe, Human Target, Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, Batman: The Brave and the Bold — The Videogame, The Looney Tunes Show, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Clash of the Titans (for its DVD release) and, get this, Brightest Day.

Yeah, I figured that last one would get your attention. There’s a catch, though: Attendees get just one bag, and they’re handed out randomly. So while you may be in line eyeing that David Finch image, there’s a chance you’ll walk away with Scooby-Doo! instead. If you’re lucky, or willing to fork over a little cash, maybe someone will trade with you.

The image at the right is, of course, the Brightest Day design (click to enlarge). After the break you can check out the art for The Brave and the Bold, as well as what appears on the other side of the bags.

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San Diego ’10 | Update your want list with exclusive con merchandise


If you’re headed to San Diego later this month for Comic-Con International and you’ve been wondering what exclusive merchandise you’ll be able to get at the show, wonder no more … the con’s site has a whole slew of exclusive items that’ll be available from various retailers, publishers and such at the show. Yes, everything from variant covers of BOOM! books — from Roger Langridge’s homage to Comic-Con to Darkwing Duck’s homage to Frank Miller — to Venture Bros. figures to Hot Wheels versions of Wonder Woman’s jet and the Ecto-1. Check them all out right here.

Diamond announces 2010 San Diego exclusives

Doctor Solar #1 variant

Doctor Solar #1 variant

With Comic-Con just a little more than a month away, now is as good a time as any to start thinking about your “buy” list for the big show. So if you’re lucky enough to be attending this year, here’s a good place to start.

Diamond Comic Distributors sent over a press release detailing the exclusive comics and other merchandise they’ll be selling at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego. The items include variant cover editions of Doctor Solar, True Blood, Walking Dead and Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier, as well as X-Men Minimates, a Tarot statue and more. You can see the complete list after the jump. A complete list of Diamond retailers offering them on the convention floor can be found at the Diamond booth (#2401) during the show.

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