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Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Softness

Scott Pilgrim Clip-ons

Scott Pilgrim Clip-ons

From the latest issue of Previews Plus, a supplemental catalog that Diamond puts out from retailers, come a couple of Scott Pilgrim-related items — just in time for the big movie, as they say.

Above are 4″ “plush clip-ons” of Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers, which you can attach to your backpack, belt loop, key chain or anywhere else you desire. After the jump are some 8″ plushes you may have already seen, as they’ve been making the rounds since Bryan Lee O’Malley tweeted about them last week. Per the catalog, they’re scheduled to ship in July and manufactured by Mezco Toys.

Now where are my Scott Pilgrim action figures?

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BOOM!’s Too Much Coffee Man mug commercial

BOOM! Studios has put together a promo video for the Two Much Coffee Man animated mug that they’re releasing under their BOOM! Town imprint, featuring some of the talent around their office.

Marvel merchandise now available in the Disney Store

Marvel merch at the Disney Store

Marvel merch at the Disney Store

My wife received the above email from The Disney Store today, promoting the fact that you can now buy Marvel merchandise at the Disney Store website. I assume this means it is on the way to the brick-and-mortar Disney Stores as well, if it isn’t already being rolled out.

They’re carrying a full line of clothing for kids and adults, toys, bedspreads and even a few comics … that come packaged with action figures. I think most, if not all, of the merchandise has been available through other venues, but how long before they start carrying a few exclusive items?

Warner Bros. goes after girls market with Supergirl clothing line

Supergirl by Nastia

Supergirl by Nastia

While the Walt Disney Co. works to broaden its appeal with boys, rival Warner Bros. is eyeing the lucrative girls market.

Variety reports that Supergirl is leading the charge as Warner Bros. Consumer Products teams with mid-range department store chain J.C. Penney for a line of clothes sporting the familiar “S” shield for girls ages 8 to 12.

Gymnast and five-time Olympic medalist Nastia Liukin is lending her name to the brand, called Supergirl by Nastia, and will serve as its spokesperson. The 20-year-old Liukin lives in Plano, Texas, headquarters of J.C. Penney.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Supergirl by Nastia is an extension of Supergirl Jam, the all-girls athletic competition and music festival launched four years ago by Warner Bros. This month the studio launched the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup, which honors young, rising female gymnasts.

The line, expected to be the first of several new products tied to the superheroine, will be priced between $20 and $38, and debut in stores on July 20 — in time for back-to-school shopping season.

The retailer will support Supergirl by Nastia with ads, direct mailings, social media and nationwide appearances by Liukin. And, hey, who knows? Maybe DC will even bring back Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade or introduce another age-appropriate comic featuring the Maid of Might.

Marvel characters coming to TV … but not like you’d expect

Marvel TV

Marvel TV

Marvel has teamed up with a company called Roundtable Concepts to create branded television sets, featuring characters like the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, Ghost Rider and more. Yes, you too can own an LED television set that not only features Marvel characters around the edges, “but when powered on the individual Marvel character will appear on the screen for approximately 8 seconds!” according to the site.

Check out their store to see all your possible Marvel TV options.

How about some coffee in a Too Much Coffee Man mug?

Too Much Coffee Man mug

Too Much Coffee Man mug

Yesterday we learned that BOOM! Studios was kicking off a new imprint called BOOM! Town, under which they’ll release “literary comics” projects as well as merchandising. One of the first products they’ll release is a Too Much Coffee Man coffee mug, featuring Shannon Wheeler’s famous creation.

Its appearance changes when you fill it with a hot beverage, though I’m not sure which of the above mugs represents the before and which one represents the after (I assume an empty mug = death, and thus the skull).

BOOM! launches new ‘literary comics’ imprint, BOOM! Town

Robert Crumb trading cards

Robert Crumb trading cards

Publishers Weekly reports that BOOM! Studios is launching a separate imprint called BOOM! Town, under which they plan to publish and market “literary comics,” selective reissues of out-of-print works and merchandising. And they’re working with a couple of well known names in this area: former Kitchen Sink publisher Denis Kitchen and Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler.

Although their publishing plans are still being finalized, they’ll start off by reissuing a set of 36 trading cards by R. Crumb that were originally released by Kitchen Sink Press in 1991. They also plan to release a Too Much Coffee Man mug and I Thought You Would be Funnier, a collection of Wheeler’s rejected New Yorker cartoons that can be read online at the Activate site.

It also sounds like they may be publishing some of Harvey Kurtzman’s work, based on this quote from Kitchen:

“Denis Kitchen Publishing has four R. Crumb card sets that are perennials, [Harvey] Kurtzman’s The Grasshopper & The Ant and other books that could do much better in the marketplace with a real company’s attention. So I’ve entered into a distribution arrangement with Boom! to free myself more to represent clients as a literary agent but also to do more directly creative things like writing and packaging new books.”

It’s been a big week for BOOM! news; in addition to BOOM! Town, they’ve also got a Samuel L. Jackson-written series on the way, a new ongoing featuring Scorpius from Farscape and something in the works with CBGB.

Straight for the art | Jess Fink’s David Bowie

David Bowie by Jess Fink

David Bowie by Jess Fink

She’s best known as the writer/artist behind the deliciously dirty, very NSFW webcomic Chester 5000 XYV. But Jess Fink is apparently quite crafty as well — she took this gorgeous illustration of David Bowie’s short-lived glam-pirate look and turned it into a pair earrings she gave a friend for Christmas. Click here to see the jaunty jewelry in its finished form.

I just have two questions: 1) How can I get Fink into my David Bowie sketchbook? and 2) Where can I get a pair of those earrings?

Put your money where your comics are (or something like that)

It's Storm, but in wallet form

It's Storm, but in wallet form

Now that we’ve officially turned the corner on Halloween, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. No, don’t make that face, I’m being serious.

And if you’re shopping for that special comic book aficionado in your life and not sure what to get them, why not consider a wallet? More precise, a Comic Wallet. Albert Doan, of Calgary, Canada, turns old (and some new) comic books and turns them into laminated, reinforced wallet, which he then sells on his site for about $20-$30 a pop. He’s even got a series of Blackest Night wallets available, if you just can’t get enough DC zombies. He also handles special requests, so if you’ve been anxiously craving to certain sequences from say, Faust, folded up and stuffed in your back pocket, now’s your chance. Myself, I’m holding out for a Little Lulu set.

Apparently chicks dig the suit, too

Replica Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

Replica Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

Universal Designs has released more information and few more promo images for the replica Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit that Larry Young linked to a few months back. According to the press release, the suit includes “a full-leather jacket that includes lightweight interior lining, as well as molded-leather and Kevlar armor sections; pants that include heavy-duty, four-way stretch Spandex inserts and CE-approved armor; authentic gloves and boots that replicate the amazing on-screen design.”

They only plan to create 1,000 of them, and they cost $998. You can order one — and check out all their Dark Knight-themed merchandise — here. It’s pricey, but takes cosplay to a whole other level. More promo images and a video of the suit can be found after the jump.

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More Lantern Corps rings on the way

Black Lantern ring

Black Lantern ring

Remember those Black Lantern rings that DC Comics offered to retailers to help promote the comic? If you missed yours, or if you had misgivings about supporting the bad guys, you’re in luck. DC is going to create rings based on all of the other colors of the various Lantern Corps., so you’ll have the opportunity to show your support for Sinestro and his the devious Yellow Lanterns, Saint Walker and his boys in blue, or even the mysterious Indigo tribe.

Show your true colors, or sell them on eBay … your choice.

Here are the details on how retailers can get a hold of the rings, per DC’s Direct Channels email to retailers … each bag of rings costs $8:

  • For every 25 copies of Doom Patrol #4 ordered by the order increase cut-off date, retailers may order one bag of 50 yellow promotional rings, scheduled to arrive in stores Nov. 4.
  • For every 25 copies of Booster Gold #26 ordered by the order increase cut-off date, retailers may order one bag of 50 orange promotional rings, scheduled to arrive in stores Nov. 18.
  • For every 50 copies of Justice League of America #39 ordered by the order increase cut-off date, retailers may order one bag of 50 red promotional rings, scheduled to arrive in stores on Dec. 2.
  • For every 50 copies of Blackest Night #5 ordered by the order increase cut-off date, retailers may order one bag of 50 green promotional rings, scheduled to arrive in stores on Dec. 16.
  • For every 50 copies of Adventure Comics #4 ordered by the order increase cut-off date, retailers may order one bag of 50 blue promotional rings, scheduled to arrive in stores Dec. 30.
  • For every 25 copies of R.E.B.E.L.S #10 ordered by the order increase cut-off date, retailers may order one bag of 50 Indigo promotional rings, scheduled to arrive in stores Jan. 13.

Straight for the art | Minty fresh James Jean art


Coming soon from Giant Robot are three different packages of mints designed by artist James Jean. Check out the other two designs by following the link.

Via Super Punch

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to Kung Pao Chicken.

Kotobukiya's Chop Sabers


Now here’s an idea that’s a long time in the making. Next year Kotobukiya will release “Chop Sabers” — a mash-up of Star Wars lightsabers and chopsticks. They come in three varieties: Darth Vader red, Luke Skywalker blue and a smaller Yoda green for the kids.

Although the chop sabers won’t be out until 2010, if you’re going to San Diego next week you can not only check them out, but also participate in Chop Saber Duels. “Fans will get a chance to test their Chopstick skills by competing against members of the 501st Legion to see who really is the ‘Chop Saber Jedi,'” reads their website. “These tests of dexterity will result in the winners (Jedis) taking home a prize!”

Kotobukiya’s booth is #2601. Start practicing now.

SDCC ’09 | NBM, Disney and more

The 2009 San Diego Comic-Con kicks off in two weeks. If you are a publisher, creator, retailer or any other kind of exhibitor who would like to let folks know about any special plans you have for the show (panels, signing schedules, exclusives, debuts, etc.) drop me an email and I’ll run it here.

Registered Weapon

Registered Weapon

Webcomics | Gardner Linn, one of the creators behind Registered Weapon, sent word that the first print collection of “the webcomic about a crime-fighting robot who used to be a cash register” will premiere at San Diego, “guerrilla style.”

“Booths will soon be an outmoded concept in the every-man-for-himself comics industry of the future (just like paper and paying for things), so writers Gardner Linn and Chris Thorn will be hitting the show guerrilla-style, passing out copies to anybody who wants one (and even more people who don’t),” he writes. “And keep coming back to for more info as the con approaches, and new comics four times a week.”

BTW, I really dig this webcomic; go check it out if you’re looking for off-the-wall laughs.

Comics | NBM has released their booth signing schedule, which includes appearances by Lewis Trondheim, Neil Kleid, Rick Geary and more. Kleid’s new book, The Big Kahn, will debut at the show.

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For the Steve Rogers fan who has everything (except a bloody T-shirt)

"Captain America: Reborn" T-shirt

"Captain America: Reborn" T-shirt

What better way is there to celebrate the return of Steve Rogers in July’s Captain America: Reborn than with a T-shirt … splattered with red ink … that, um, evokes the character’s supposed assassination more than two years ago?

But hey! Look at that John Cassaday art! (And the blood. My lord, the blood.)  The $18 shirt — a “Dads & Grads” gift idea — is available exclusively from the Official Marvel Shop.

(via IESB)

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