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Wonder Woman cosmetics? I just like saying ‘Themyscira mascara’

Artwork for MAC Cosmetics' Wonder Woman collection, by Michael Allred

If the lovely Michael Allred artwork isn’t enough to pique your interest in MAC Cosmetics’ upcoming Wonder Woman collection, then maybe the names of some of the products will: Emancipation and Athena’s Kiss lip gloss, Army of Amazons and Themyscira mascara, Obey Me nail polish, and Spinning Transformation eyeshadow.

You can view images of the collection, which debuts in the United States on Feb. 10, at Temptalia. Check out another piece of Allred’s promotional art after the break.

(via Super Punch, Dean Trippe)

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Comics A.M. | Tokyo ‘anti-loli’ bill advances, feds change stance on glasses


Legal | The general affairs committee of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly has approved the government’s revised amendment to the Youth Healthy Development Ordinance, clearing the way for a vote by the full assembly on Wednesday. The controversial bill would further restrict sexual content in manga, anime and video games. A breakdown of the legislation can be found here. The Mainichi Daily News provides commentary. [Anime News Network]

Legal | In a surprise move, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has decided that the DC superhero- and Wizard of Oz-themed drinking glasses recalled last month because of high lead content aren’t children’s products and, therefore, not subject to recall. [The Associated Press]

Passings | Bluegrass musician and comic-art collector Don Lineberger, 71, died Dec. 5 after being pulled from a house fire in Valdosta, Georgia. Smoke inhalation is believed to be the cause of death. A banjo player who performed with the likes of Bill Monroe, Glen Campbell and Steve Martin, Lineberger was also known for his extensive collection of EC Comics memorabilia. Posters in this thread at the Collectors Society message board are attempting to compile a list of original EC work likely lost in the fire. [The Valdosta Daily Times]

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DC superhero and Oz drinking glasses recalled over lead levels

The DC Comics superhero glasses in question

A Utah company has recalled drinking glasses featuring DC Comics superheroes and Wizard of Oz characters after independent testing revealed they contain high levels of lead. Federal regulators have begun an investigation.

The tests, commissioned by The Associated Press, found the glasses contained lead up to 1,000 times the federal limit for children’s products, as well as lesser amounts of the more-toxic heavy metal cadmium. The AP purchased the China-made glasses from Warner Brothers Studios store in Burbank, Calif.

The central issue may be whether the glasses are intended for children or for adults. Salt Lake City-based importer Vandor contends the products are targeted to adult collectors and passed testing for lead. However, a spokesman for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission told The AP the agency considers the glasses to be children’s products, which are subject to more strict lead limits. The CPSC is collecting samples for its own testing.

In a press release announcing the voluntary recall, Vandor said that less than 10,000 sets of each item have been shipped since their January release.

SDCC ’10 | Get your Buffy the Vampire Slayer soda

Jones Soda's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" bottles

Jones Soda's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" bottles

Thirsty Comic-Con attendees and die-hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans take note: Beginning today, a Jones Soda truck will be driving around the San Diego Convention Center and the Gaslamp Quarter dispensing collector’s edition bottles sporting Season Eight art by Georges Jeanty and such themed flavors as “Dawn’s a Centaur Root Beer,” “Giles’s Grape Potion” and “Willow’s Green Apple Witch’s Brew.” There are six in all.

If you miss the truck, or aren’t in San Diego this week, don’t worry: You’ll apparently be able to order the Buffy line from the Jones Soda website beginning later today.

(via UGO, FEARnet)

For the Wolverine fan who has everything (including a motorcycle)

"X2" Wolverine Motorcycle Suit

"X2" Wolverine Motorcycle Suit

Motorcycle-riding comics fans, and cosplayers, take note: UD Replicas has unveiled its official X2 Wolverine Motorcycle Suit.

The leather suit which, as you may have guessed, is a replica of the one worn by Hugh Jackman in X2: X-Men United, includes the jacket, gloves and pants. According to the manufacturer, the suit incorporates removable CE-approved body armor, gloves with anti-skid Kevlar in the lining of the palms, and “an interior, form-molded muscle suit sandwiched into the jacket’s torso section.”

And it can all be yours … for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 (the price hasn’t been finalized yet). UD Replicas will take orders through its website beginning later this month, so start saving your pennies.

What’s that, you’re more of an Iron Man, um, man? Well, you’re in luck: UD is also developing a leather replica of Tony Stark’s Mark V Suitcase Suit from Iron Man 2.

That one sounds kind of cool, actually. Just not for me (or my bank account).

There is something out there in the darkness, something … wet

Awww ... the Batman rain collection

Awww ... the Batman rain collection

Criminals may be a superstitious, cowardly lot, but with this new Batman rain gear, they’ll also be dry. Dry and adorable.

There, Washington Shoe Company and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, you’re free to use that for the ad campaign for the new Batman rain collection. It’s a heck of a lot better than “April Showers Bring Batman Powers.” (Psst. Batman doesn’t have any powers. Also, that phrase would only make sense with someone like Aquaman. Possibly. But there’s probably not a big demand for Aquaman rain gear …)

Anyway, the collection, geared toward kids and juniors, features umbrellas, boots and raincoats — the latter of which comes with a removable cape with glow-in-the-dark Batman emblem. You can see more photos at the link.

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