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Check out the trailer for the Art of War graphic novel

Feel like getting creeped out a bit? Check out this stylish, mostly black-and-white trailer for The Art of War: The Graphic Novel, by Kelly Roman and Michael DeWeese. Due out July 31, the book takes Sun-Tzu’s classic text and adds a storyline. I’m not exactly sure how that works, but the press release explains that the setting is “a violent near-future when financial markets are militarized and China is the dominant economy.” The trailer is definitely more about ambience than story, but it’s intriguing to watch.

Read three chapters of The Art of War online

A few weeks ago we noted a dramatic publicity stunt by Kelly Roman and Michael DeWeese, the creators of the graphic novel The Art of War: They held a public event in which they stamped sample chapters with their own blood (drawn rather clinically by a doctor, rather than someone with a sharp dagger). Apparently it worked, as the sample chapters they put up have gotten over 25,000 views, and they have signed contracts for several other countries—with a promise to repeat the blood stunt in each one. (I’m surprised they didn’t sign the contracts in blood—now there’s a stunt!) They have already signed with publishers in Brazil and Spain.

They now have three chapters of the book, which is a work of fiction based Sun Tzu’s classic manual, available to read on Issuu—or right here, since it’s embeddable.

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