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Katie Skelly on ‘Operation Margarine’


April 2014 marks two years since the release of Katie Skelly‘s Nurse Nurse. In one of those great coincidences, this is also the month that sees the release of Skelly’s new book, Operation Margarine.

Her narrative focus has shifted from Nurse Nurse‘s futuristic sci-fi vibe to the motorcycle road trip (and accompanying drama as well as conflict, plus a few nuns) of Operation Margarine. It was a delightful surprise to learn her new work’s connection to Roland Barthes’ Mythologies.

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Greatest Comic of All Time | Wayward Girls (Slechte Meisjes) #1

The greatest comics of all time don’t appear on bestseller charts or canon lists or big-box bookstore shelves.  They are the property of the back issue bins and thrift store crates and convention tables of America, living like the medium itself in the unseen crags and pockets of publishing history…

Wayward Girls (Slechte Meisjes) #1, by Michiel Budel.  Cover-dated 2012.  Published by Secret Acres.

How acquired:  Skimmed off the top of a box of books the fine folks at Secret Acres hand-delivered to the comic shop I work at last month.  Sometimes the perfect comic comes to you in the perfect way.

Suggested soundtrack to this comic: Here

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