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Schiti shares more ‘Mighty Avengers’ sketches


During ROBOT 6’s Fifth Anniversary celebration, Mighty Avengers #6 artist Valerio Schiti kindly shared a sneak peak of his upcoming work, which hits stands on Feb. 5. We also posted more of his sketches on our Tumblr page.

Those sketches (as well as the art pages from the initial post) resonated with readers so strongly that Schiti was more than pleased to share additional sketches of Blue Marvel, Falcon (including a variant “classic” costume sketch) and Luke Cage that he had prepared.

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The Fifth Color | The Overwhelming Avengers

mighty_TEASERThis morning, Marvel held a press call to confirm that this week’s promotion of a new team only referred to as “Mighty” would in fact be a new Mighty Avengers title, set to debut in September. Now, you’d think a new team of heroes that includes both She-Hulk (Jen Walters flavor) and Adam the Blue Marvel (lost hero of color) is and tied to Jonathan Hickman’s turn at bat in the latest event series Infinity would be pretty cool. Hickman has assembled Avengers these days for big, mind-bending reasons. These are characters who don’t get enough screen time (if any) and might not get the chance at their own solo title, so why not enjoy this young new team for a chance to see more heroes?

Shouldn’t we be grateful? Don’t we need another Avengers team? How’s that hole-in-your head collection coming?

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The Fifth Color – Together We Are Mighty

the fifth colorHappy post-Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope we all find ourselves a little fat and happy today as some will be enjoying a four-day weekend and others will be battling the hordes in the shopping megaplexes for the best deals and bargains for this now official holiday season.  Before we begin here, I just wanted to note that my shop, Metro Entertainment has never reported any sort of ‘record sales’ on Black Friday, so please don’t forget to visit your local comic shop while you’re out shopping today!  Drop by, say Hi, pick up a trade and don’t forget about the tiny shops in your big shopping adventures.  Might I interest you in one of our reasonably displayed Lantern power rings?

Anyhow, Thanksgiving has come and gone and hopefully instilled we celebrators with a sense of family, community and  unity.  Whether you spent it with the family, your football watching buddies or at a local shelter making sure people had a hot meal on a holiday, Thanksgiving is not just about the thanks, but the giving.  Mix the two and suddenly you got yourself a season!  This of course, makes me think of the Avengers.  Most things make me think of the Avengers, but let’s not dwell on that.

In any case, the original continuity created for Thanksgiving (before the retcons and corrected histories) was that some Pilgrims couldn’t farm, some Native Americans could, they got together and shared and then had a big old dinner to celebrate.  I know!  It’s like Stan and Jack cribbed notes for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!  Incredible.  These days, what with every flavor of five or so guys standing together calling themselves ‘Avengers’, it might be hard to see this.  Plus, the general nature of the super-hero rarely allows for such simple ideas of community.  What if the Pilgrims and Indians had to slog through a three-issue misunderstanding fight before they combined their efforts against their true enemy, corn?  Add to this the never-ending villainy that our heroes battle, the in0fighting that naturally occurs when people of strong personalities get together in one room, court-martials, break-ups, Disassembling…

This year, I’m thankful for Dan Slott.  Mr. Slott has taken the Mighty Avengers and really made them Marvel’s premiere team book in my humble opinion (I know!  Bendis even stuffed the ballot!).  He acknowledges all of the above problems (maybe not the corn threat) and yet, for all the difficulty there is in assembling, we are still given a united front of heroes, bound together to stop a titanic threat to the Earth, who will succeed through perseverance, teamwork, intelligence and maybe a little luck for kicks.
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