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Comic Couture | Mighty Fine releases expanded line of comic shirts for women

In the halcyon days when I was a young comics fan, getting a comics-themed T-shirt was hard to do; you might find a stray shirt in your local Spencers or might order a shirt by mail from Graffiti Designs, but even then your selection was small — and essentially non-existent if you were a woman. But with the advent of cheap t-shirt printing and the internet, that’s not a problem for today’s comic fans.

Earlier this week, T-shirt makers Mighty Fine expanded their line of women’s shirts with a number of unique designs, such as the Phoenix seen at right. These classic designs, plus some inspired by art nouveau Alphonse Mucha and 1980s fashion artist Patrick Nagel, make this the perfect place to buy gifts for the geek girl in your life.

T-shirt creator adds two new MODOK designs to line-up

It looks like the big-headed supervillain is taking over a new medium — t-shirts.

The folks at the shirt company Mighty Fine Inc. have been wowing us with some inventive designs and merchandise, particularly the ability to create your own shirt down to the print, size, color and other variables. But this new one takes the cake.

“We’ve been tallying comment requests from our customers and, as promised, have added two of the most popular suggestions to the t-shirt creator,” said Nicole Campos of Mighty Fine. “There’s an old-school Luke Cage design called “MODOK For Hire”, plus “Deadok” – Deadpool was by far the most requested cosplay for the big head!”

You can check them both out on the company’s site. But tell us this — which one do you want? And what could D.E.A.D.O.K. stand for?

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