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Green, Black, Yellow & Blue Power Rangers morph into new Funko Pop! figures


The original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” are kicking their way over to Funko in four new Pop! figures. Following the release of the Red, White and Pink Rangers, the Green, Black, Yellow and Blue Rangers will make their Funko debut this summer.

According to the official announcement,

The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are ready for battle! Between the Green Ranger’s martial arts skills, Black Ranger’s strength, Yellow Ranger’s quick wit, and Blue Ranger’s intelligence, there’s nothing they can’t overcome! Complete your Pop! Power Rangers collection this August!

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X-Men, Power Rangers and more become hieroglyphics in art series


Egyptian hieroglyphics can accurately be considered an early form of the type of sequential art storytelling seen in comic strips and comic books, and artist Josh Ln has drawn a very straight line between the two in his “Hero-Glyphics” series. Ln has taken some of the biggest pop cultural icons — including Spider-Man, Darth Vader and Wolverine — and interpreted them in the style of hieroglyphics; retaining the recognizable qualities of the characters but placing them in a considerably different context.

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Goellner, Moody and Hill power up for ‘Task Force Rad Squad’

Task Force Rad Squad

Task Force Rad Squad

Task Force Rad Squad is a comic about friendship. And alien monsters. And friends coming together to fight alien monsters inside a giant robot.

If you grew up watching Power Rangers, or are at least familiar with them, you’ll probably dig this comic. Creators Caleb Goellner, Buster Moody and Ryan Hill have taken the concept and spun it on its head, creating something that shows their love for the Power Rangers while also being unique unto itself. The trio is selling it online, both digitally and in print, and took the time to answer my questions about the series, its inspiration and their approach to selling it.

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IDW’s Mighty Morphin’ Chris Ryall

I thought I’d been following Chris Ryall’s career a long time (I first met him when he was editing Kevin Smith’s now-defunct Movie Poop Shoot website), but obviously there’s more to IDW Publishing’s editor-in-chief than meets the eye. No, wait … that’s Transformers. Ryall’s early days were more of the morphing variety. That’s him above (and in the animated GIF below) getting trash dumped on his head by Bulk and Skull in an episode of The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

With that kind of history, it makes me wonder why IDW hasn’t picked up the MMPR license yet. We sort of need a Power Rangers/Transformers crossover, don’t we?

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