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May his fire burn everlasting: The resurgence of the cocaine-fueled Snowflame


Although he died a not-so-glorious death in his first appearance way back in 1988’s New Guardians #2, the cocaine-sniffing DC villain Snowflame is making a minor comeback. The Colombian drug lord has been featured recently on and io9, and now he has his own fan-fiction webcomic by artist Julie Sydor.

Snowflame tells the further adventures of the part drug-sniffing supervillain, part cult leader who first and last appeared in a forgettable series that spun out of DC’s Millennium crossover. That appearance must have made an impact on Sydor, as she not only turned him into a My Little Pony–what greater sign is there that you’re achieved cult status than someone turning you into a My Little Pony?–but also kicked off a webcomic that pits him against Green Arrow, Batman and Raven.

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Comics A.M. | Stan Lee’s Guardian Project target of lawsuit

Stan Lee

Legal | Stan Lee’s Guardian Project, introduced last year at New York Comic Con, has sparked a lawsuit from a Hollywood manager who claims he was cut out of the venture, which transformed National Hockey League mascots into superheroes.

In the lawsuit, filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Adam Asherson contends the project, now co-owned by NBC Universal, dates back to 2003, when he was introduced to the idea by fellow manager Anthony Chargin and Chargin’s client Jake Shapiro. Asherson, who had a relationship with Lee, says he suggested the legendary comics writer would be the “perfect” partner for the endeavor. They pitched Lee on the project, called Defenders, which focused on the National Football League, with plans to expand to Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the NHL. For unspecified reasons, the NFL deal never came together. However, six years later The Guardian Project emerged with the involvement of Chargin, Shapiro and Lee — but without Asherson.

Asherson claims Guardian Media Entertainment, SLG Entertainment, Chargin and Shapiro have breach an oral joint-venture agreement, committed promissory estoppel and fraud, and breach fiduciary duties by leaving him out of the NHL agreement. [Hollywood, Esq.]

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Grumpy Old Fan | Going on about ongoing series, Part One

Your one-stop source for first-issue hype

First DC announced (via the May solicitations) the cancellation of five titles. Now it looks like the “First Wave” line is being shown the door.

Blogger/podcaster extraordinaire Al Kennedy suggests that “First Wave” might have benefited from a little multiversal-crossover action. I tend to agree, although I think including versions of Batman (and other pulpy DC characters like the Blackhawks) was something of a backdoor crossover.

While that’s a topic for another day, it made me wonder about the general trends within DC’s ongoing series. Thus, starting today I want to take a much longer look, ‘way back to the start of Big Event comics in 1985. DC has launched hundreds of ongoing series since then, and I want to see what made the difference in those series’ successes. This will take a while — maybe two to three posts — but I hope it’ll be worth it.

[Thanks as always to Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics, an invaluable source of data for any DC fan.]

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