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Minneapolis Indie Xpo indefinitely discontinued

The Minneapolis Indie Xpo (MIX), a popular and growing showcase for independent artists, won’t be back for the foreseeable future.

Sarah Morean, who directed the show in its two years of existence, mentioned last year in an interview with Tom Spurgeon that the show wouldn’t be back in 2012. She also suggested that “after this year it might not happen again.” Now, however, Morean has given official word on the MIX website that the event won’t return, although she remains hopeful for the potential of similar shows in the future.

So do I. Robot 6 wishes Morean and the other MIX organizers the best in future endeavors.

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Minneapolis Indie Xpo creates new comics fans

The Soap Factory

When I first heard about plans for the Minneapolis Indie Xpo, I wasn’t sure why we needed another local convention, but I was sure glad we were getting one. I love conventions and only get to go to one out-of-town one a year, so I lean pretty heavily on the two cons that the Midwest Comic Book Association throws annually. If someone wanted to put on a third, I wasn’t about to question it.

There is a reason for the new show though, and it’s a good one. According to MIX’s website, the show “aspires to create new comics fans by reaching out to the local community and inviting them to learn to love comics again, or for the first time.” They do this by varying from the business model the MCBA uses for its shows. The MCBA doesn’t charge for creator tables; it makes its money selling space to retailers and charging a modest ticket price to attendees. That creates a fun show with tons of local talent and admission is cheap enough to encourage curious members of the community to come by and check it out. It’s a great time that Twin Cities comics fans look forward to all year.

But if the goal is to get people who wouldn’t ordinarily pay to attend a large celebration of comics like the MCBA puts on, MIX’s organizers – Sarah Morean (The Daily Cross Hatch) and Andy Krueger (founder of the St Paul Craftstravaganza) – have found a good way to do that. They charge a reasonable table fee for exhibitors, hold the show in a part of town known for its arts community, and let the public in for free.

How that worked out, after the break.
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Comics A.M. | The comics Internet in two minutes

Barnes & Noble

Retailing | Barnes & Noble, the largest book chain in the United States, lost $63 million in the first quarter, a vast decline from a $12-million profit it reported for the same period a year ago. The retailer pinned about $10 million in losses on its costly fight with billionaire investor Ronald Burkle, and warned that a proxy battle could push the company even further into the red. [Reuters, ICv2.com]

Passings | Paprika director Satoshi Kon, who began his career as a manga artist before moving into anime in 1995, died Tuesday from pancreatic cancer. He was 46. Kon made his directorial debut in 1997 with Perfect Blue, and went on to helm such critically acclaimed anime features as Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers and the aforementioned Paprika, as well as the television series Paranoia Agent. [Anime News Network]

Publishing | Kai-Ming Cha looks at initial efforts by manga publishers to provide digital content as legal alternatives to scanlations. [Publishers Weekly]

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